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Friday, February 19

March Madness is back! Find out what musical achievement will you bepicking the best and the four number #1 seeds.

  Our favorite and most heated, chaotic and fun month is right around the corner. That's right it's almost March! Over the past five years we have made brackets of 64 musical achievements. Similar to NCAA basketball March Madness tournament.
   The first year you crowned the best Grateful Dead song, Terrapin Station won over 48,000 votes. The second year you whittled away 64 phish songs until Y.E.M beat out Antelope by 2 percent with over 109,000 total votes just in the championship match up. 
   One of the most bloodiest years followed when you crowned "Dark side of the moon" the best album of all time, edging out "American Beauty."The following year we crowned the best jam band with "The Grateful Dead" beating" Phish" in an epic showdown. That year the Cinderella darlings of the tournament 16seed Max Creek upset 1seed Dave Matthew Band and made the final four until they ran out of steam against the eventually champs The Grateful Dead. 
     Last year we crowned the best guitar player. Jerry Garcia edged out Frank Zappa in one of the more heated tournaments. This year's chaos will crown the Best Songwriter Ever! . For our loyal fans, they will tell you it's complete pandemonium from the day the bracket of 64 is released along with the seeds. This year we are more prepared to fire back at our critics, instead of arguing on a thread longer than the gap in hand across America. We have a you tube channel with life streaming. So subscribe!  (we also have an exclusive artist concert and interview coming up shortly) Get ahead of the rookies & join
Grateful Music's you tube channel, so I can tell you why your wrong live. The bracket and seeds will be released on March 3rd! With out further a do here our this year's four number 1 seeds for best   songwriter ever! 
   The overall 1 seed is Bob Dylan
   The number 1 seed out of the west is Robert Hunter.
   The number 1 seed out of the North bracket is John Lennon.
   After much discussion our final #1 seed is Paul Simon
March Madness is right around the Corner. 
  If your new, you vote the winners of each match-up and they advance to the next round. Let the insults, anger, sweats and the folks that just plan leave us in disgust. Yes folks, Let the Madness Begin!!!
  This annual event is brought to you from the staff at Grateful Music LLC