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Tuesday, February 9

K I M O C K's new band is hitting the road. You better go your countryis counting on you.

K I M O C K is the band and seeing them better be your plan. Tour Dates are on the bottom of this post. 

How often do you get to see the best living guitar player join forces with (arguably) the bassist all others strive to emulate. Those two alone can create multiple musical orgasms. Bobby Vega has been Kimock's ace in the hole since  he permanently joined Zero after John Khan untimely death in 1995. Zero started way back in 1980 and gain a loyal fanbase including Jerry Garcia who claimed they were his favorite Bay Area band. This dynamic duo's chemistry is more connected than those poor bastards heads that exploded in the movie scanners. If only three people get that reference, I will be lucky. But missing Steve Kimock's new band would make less sense than dying over a rest area and/or beef jerky. The state of affairs has officially achieved pure lunacy. If you miss this band you will not be part of the solution. This country badly needs its population to regain sound judgement. It is not the time in history to miss this brilliant band. Kimock literally is so creative with his chops, that when it came time to name his new band K I M O C K was all he could muster. Luckily we don't dance to a band's name. On our best nights we move around the dance floor like lovers under the covers. Instinctively and with raw emotion the notes force us to dance, but only when the magic seduces us from the stage. This band will achieve that perfection and take you to that place we all chase. Joining these two virtuosos in the new band will be his son, drummer John Morgan Kimock, who currently is on the road with Mike Gordon's band and vocalist Leslie Mendelson. They will be supporting Kimock's new album "Last Danger of Frost". If you said "I am excited", I would reply......N O S H I T!  So please, do your part to slow the Romanesque behavior in this country and catch this band. You would be crazy not to. 
Words: Kevin Long

 K I M O C K Tour Dates

March 4 Santa Cruz, CA–Kuumbwa Jazz Center
March 5 Redway, CA–Mateel Community Center
March 6 Grass Valley, CA–The Center for the Arts
March 11 San Francisco, CA–The Chapel
March 18 Ardmore, PA–Ardmore Music Hall
March 19 Fall River, MA–Narrows Center for the Arts
March 20 New York, NY–City Winery
March 23 Fairfield, CT–Stage One
March 24 Shirley, MA–Bull Run
March 25 Woodstock, NY–Levon Helm Studios 
March 26 Hartford, CT–Infinity Hall
March 29 Washington, DC–The Hamilton
March 30 Shepherdstown, WV–Shepherdstown Opera House
April 1 Columbus, OH–Woodlands Tavern
April 2 Evanston, IL–Space