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Thursday, February 4

Grateful Music ventures into YouTube

Grateful Music ventures into YouTube. 
Over the past ten years we have evolved and grown from our days as a fan site. Our long time family members recall when our name was Phish and The Dead. Our domain name was even as was our Facebook page. Sammy and myself both were writing mainly for Relix and their websites. We fell in love with the lunacy and it was only a matter of time before we had to create our own carnival. We developed great relationships with many bands and their publicists, so it was not long until we were covering concerts, festivals and conducting interviews for Phish and The Dead. In the meantime our Facebook page grew to over twenty thousands family members. Along our journey we met other contributors and soon we had a website inside a fan club.

I hate to admit it, but it was Sammy's idea to change the name. I fear even the smallest winds of change. But a broken cloak is right twice a day and Sammy's titanic vision grew faster than Barry Bond's head on steroids. now enjoys heavy traffic and our Facebook page has grown to well over eighty five thousand music fanatics. Our staff now covers events ranging from Boonaroo to crowded dives. In the meantime we have grown to become family. Not just our contributors but our passionate fan base is every bit a part of this circus. We are all fans dancing our troubles away and trying to have a positive effect on our sacred community. 
   Our next endeavor will make it easier to connect with you and in a more personal way. It's in its Beta stage, but we can already capitalize on our live stream. We can interview artist live from the media center at festivals. March Madness bracket show. This week in Jam. The possibilities are endless and some will blow. All the funnier! We will have some live content very soon. In the meantime enjoy concerts & songs from our favorite artists. Our playlist already has hundreds of videos, shows, interviews and it's growing daily. So subscribe to Grateful Music on youtube and let's see what happens. Nobody gets more joy from Grateful Music than Sammy & I, you're the reason our sandbox is the best. Thank you, we hope to see you on the tube. 

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Words:Kevin Long