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Friday, February 12

Gone Gone Beyond Self Titled Album Is Perfect Perfect Perfection.

    Gone Gone Beyond Self Titled Album Is Perfect Perfect Perfection.

   One attribute we all have in common is the human experience. It’s a wondrous journey, but a very pugnacious one. You're constantly jolting through confusing emotions, unrelenting anguish and endless wonders. It's no coincidence that this connection we all share happens to be David Block’s moniker, a.k.a. “The Human Experience”. The rationality of his alias becomes discernible while listening to his brilliant new project “Gone Gone Beyond”. The highly anticipated self titled album dropped Jan, 22nd sending the critics into a frenzy with its revolutionary sound. This modern day masterpiece is so fresh and awe inspiring it literally gives birth to a new musical genre.  

  In 2010 David Block, released his debut album “Inaudible Sounds”.  His auditory communication never stopped evolving mere moments following his inspired rookie achievement,  he immediately began on his primary  project “The Human Experience”, wanted a band.  Raised in Los Angeles he was exposed to a plethora of musical styles. This was instrumental as he wears many hats he a musical producer, composer and multi instrumentalist and he began to cultivate his unparalleled sound. He pushed seemingly every musical boundary with only six songs to introduce his majesty, “Gone, Gone Beyond” is a game changer as it explores transcending rhythms, meshed out worldly melodies, and vocals that shine best. The poignant lyrics convey the human condition in a manner that might affect this generation. The majority of the age bracket,  who love selfies refuses to understand empathy. David and his bravura musicians became innovators as they reinvented the wheel. Mastering the use of controlling lyrics, production, and some refreshing mix of live improvisation.  
  The album begins with “Ain’t Givin Up on Love” it's familiar but still fresh. It’s a form of sophisticated folk, transported through a futuristic realm of imaginative composition. It's alien in a time when everybody eats the same sandwich at similar sub shops and it feels fantastic. When you arrive at the tracks “Carnival” and “Back Swing” there is discourse how subtle they are,  all the while the beauty glows. Transporting me to a destination I didn’t expect,  especially from this six track introduction. It was only a few hours before I gave it a second listen, I discovered that not only was I grooving to a particularly strange undertaking, more importantly  I was loving it.

     The prodigy David Block surrounds himself with impeccable talent featuring Paul Weinfield on guitar and Danny Musengo on vocals, alongside the joyous sonic sounds that have Block highly sought after in the crowded electronic music scene. 

    This is an absolute must listen for anyone into the differential aspects of modern folk. Hell, I will go one further this achieves futurama folk status. If you're not familiar with the characters of space folk. You will have to listen to this brilliant release to find out because only they play it. I only had to listen for a few adventurous minutes and I was a  fanatic. 
. On a personal note my favorite tune is “Here for a Moment”, however there is a discovery for everyone on” Gone Gone Beyond.”  I highly suggest you search David Block, a.k.a “The Human Experience and his band of gypsies and let them transport you.
They will be touring starting on February 14th in Hawaii for a Masked Lover’s Ball, rolling through August 18th. They will Visit other exotic locations such as Costa Rica, Greece, and Bulgaria. With stops in Missouri, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. I see a Rocky Mountain High in my near future and theirs is looking Bright. I am glad I jumped on this bus early, I am a fool for future folk.  
Words: Michael Wallentin
Editor: Kevin Long


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