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Wednesday, February 10

Gem & Jam Music Festival Daily Line Up and information.

Day to Day line-up and all the
411 needed for short timers....

   If the real world reared its vicious head and you can't stay in paradise for the entirety of this year's consequentia festival. A slice of heaven sure beats a mundane weekend. I have exciting news for you, Gem and Jam has you covered, unlike  most festivals who care more about your money than one’s experience. This jubilation is not all-or-nothing. Single day tickets are available for a sensible price also for a mere twenty five bucks you can purchase late night passes and enter the celebration at two a.m. Just in time for things to get weird. My favorite interval when the vibe tetters a beautiful balance between chaos and impractical behavior. Most cases, I fancy myself people watching late at night just to discover I have become the attraction. There is no reason to stew about missing any day, as the schedule below proves every day has something that will satisfy anybody's musical pallet. One day passes fluctuate between fifty and sixty dollars. Personally, I would have a family emergency and get a three day pass fairly priced at 149$ in advance and that includes camping. For a meager ten dollars you should show up a day early for the pre-party. The schedule below shows ythe diverse acts by the day. But the music is not why this festival reminds me why I used to love them so much. We will get into that in my preview piece tomorrow. So start begging, manipulating or whatever you have to do to experience a weekend that deserves a new adjective. We will talk at great length tomorrow, why this festival should be on your bucket list. In the meantime the Artist line up is separated by days for those that are smart enough to take what they can get. 
Words: Kevin Long

Feb 12, 2016
*          TychoDJ set
 Nahko and Medicine for the People Minnesota Michal Menert Eliot Lipp Esta Krooked Drivers The Magic Beans Spafford Modern Measure Templo The Bennu Cofresi ARtime Macrodot Souleye Endoplasmic Majitope KYMA Adem Joel Jahmontee Mik & Scott

Feb 13, 2016
* Beats Antique The Polish Ambassador Ott. IAMNOBODI Sango Joe Kay Insightful The Whooligan Desert Dwellers Dirtwire Govinda Brothers Gow Crush Effect BLVD8 Minutes To Burn The Flying Skulls Electric Feel Keli and The Big Dream M-Q

Feb 13, 2016
* Lettuce Lyrics Born Mark FarinaMushroom Jazz set
 Break Science Manic Focus Delhi 2 Dublin Exmag Marvel Years Soulular DYNOHUNTER Safi’s Lab Smokovich Rebel Disco DJs Cadillac Mountain Hey, Bucko Elektra Tek JYSHUA PCALYPS Top Dead Center