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Wednesday, February 24

Enough is Enough! Kanye West gets served in the form of a public letter by celebrated Phish and Pink Floyd Producer Bob Ezrin.

Enough Aready! 

   It seems Kayne West's imbecilic behavior and smug comments have become a cross over annoyance. Ironically, Kayne has been praised in the past for creating music that had a consistent cross over quality. These days his mental breakdown,( a hip hop version of Charlie Sheen) is pissing everybody off.

  Venterm music journalist, Bob Lefsryz went live on his daily blog,"The Lefsryz Letter" with an actual letter written, by celebrated music producer, Bob Ezrin. 
Mr. Ezrin is livid with Kayne' s self surviving Behavior , over the top antics, and smug remarks. Blasting his behavior and even his art. Claiming in twenty years nobody will remember any of Kanye's raps. He mentioned Tupac and Biggy, as artists whose words would live on. But to add insults to the vilification mountain, on which the rapper has been residing. He threw M.C. hammer name out as another example of a superior rapper. Damn! M.C Hammer,.......Damn! 

Oddly enough,  Kayne West is so far off the reservation. He woke up and was  when he noticed the story had gone viral he was euphoric. He had no previous plans, but prank call Oprah. So he went to go attack another respected mans anger over him, which is now a wildly considered consensus. He sat his ignorant ass down and tweeted, " I am!'
Words: Kevin Long