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Thursday, February 18

Dead and Company shake up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Dead and Company shake up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

  Short of debuting new material, Dead and Company's appearance on Jimmy Fallon was everything I hoped America would witness. It was obvious as they displayed a new comfort level with a jazz influenced Shakedown Street. It was a perfect selection considering this band is playing for a segment of fans that
"missed out on the thing that we had to start". On national television I was invigorated by how much more they appeared as a band. A number of tiny nuances, from body language to Mayer's lack of the need for constant approval bounds well for this summer. It means this tour they might actually be bound to cover just a little more ground. Unlike last fall, we won't have to poke around. Because tonight I could hear it beat out loud. 
Words: Kevin Long