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Friday, February 19

20th Century Fox To make a Bill Graham biography.

  20th Century Fox  is planning to make a Bill Graham biography....... based in large part off the autobiography, " Bill Graham: My life inside rock and out, written by Bill with co-writing partner,  Robert Greenfield.

  Shawn Levy is set to direct according to Deadline.  This is an American icon and he better not fuck this up. Since GD50, I am beginning to feel that The Grateful Dead, is a comic book publisher and they are going to create a movie for every character. Staying with that analogy, Bill Graham is Spider-Man and his legendary life has enough mystical moments that it could easily get a three picture deal. We hear at Grateful Music are excited, but have learned not to hold our breath when it comes to Holleywood and recreated the impossible. That being the gravity of The Grateful Dead.