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Tuesday, January 19

Umphrey's with TAUK at the Beacon+ Aftershow at BB King's 1/22

Four sets coving 3 stages in 2 venues means this upcoming Friday the 22nd will certainly be a musical achievement and a night not soon forgotten.   TAUK starts of the festivities opening for Umphrey's at the Beacon Theater. This bill by itself is a dynamic duo and would please any musical pallet. On this soon to be historic evening it is just the beginning. Following the show, the party is moving to BB King's where the night promises to shine. ShwizZ is playing a full set, then TAUKing McGee (which is TAUK with members of Umphrey's McGee). 
TAUK's live act has been steadily gaining new fans for the past few years.  They take their jams deeper and darker then only a year ago. They grow tighter with each passing gig. Their high energy sound will be a perfect way to get everyone moving.

Umphrey's McGee are next with the headlining slot at New York's legendary Beacon Theater.  They have been for the past few years the band that puts on some of the best shows in my opinion.  They always bring full energy, the best light show, and never let up during their marathon shows.  They can also go in many different directions, be it jazzy, bluesy, metal or even acoustic.  Their 3 night run promises to bring 3 different yet excellent in their own way shows.

After leaving the Beacon, it is time to head to Times Square to BB King's. Our friends at Live for Live Music planned a treat for us. Unlike other late night collaboration sets involving the earlier performers,  there won't be a long waiting period as ShwizZ will be waiting for everyone to arrive. There will be no let down as their music will also take you on a journey. Their live act is so spontaneous, even vocals are not a guarantee.   The only constant is their talent.

The night's finale is the most exciting musical question mark.  All I know is that TAUK will be combining with some or all members of Umphrey's.  Based on what I have witnessed both bands achieve and the small preview with Joel sitting in with TAUK at Jones Beach last summer. It's bound to be a collaboration that will go down in lore. The musical prowess both bands wield, make the possibilities endless. Magical nights like this are rare, I
 better see you all there!

Words and Photos: Mike Geller
Editor: Kevin Long 

 ©Grateful Music LLC