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Saturday, January 2

Phish - 1/1/2016: Set List and Unfair Views.

Phish Set list 1-1-2016
It's' a Farmhouse Encore Kind of Night
  Phish played their first show of 2016 to mixed reviews. Vermont's Finest are coming off of two gallot displays of music and performing a monumental show last Night for New Year Eve. The boys turned in a solid effort and there no such thing as a bad Phish show. There were moments of brilliance over two interesting  sets. They must still be mad at Billy Joel as they kept up the trend of all original tunes. Phish will close out yet another Holiday run at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. 

Words: Kevin Long

The Setlist:

Encore: Farmhouse
[1] Unfinished.
This show is being webcast via Live Phish. Undermind and Antelope contained Stash, STFTFP, and How Many People Are You teases. Disease was unfinished. Trey teased Manteca during Light.
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