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Sunday, January 3

Phish - 1/2/2015 Holy Shit! What a night....

Phish, Simply the Best.

Phish brought their four show Holiday Run to a close in grand fashion Saturday Night. Opening the show with “My Pet Cat” , for the first time made it safe to assume the lucky crowd and fans via the webcast was not going to be stuck with  a Saturday Night Special. Instead they took a setlist of beloved tunes, submerging themselves into each song.
The first set was more than the typical Phish opening for Phish. Both stanzas on the evening were masterpieces. From the couch the hypotonic versions of Axilla>Maze was intense I can only imagine the garden had to be shaking akin to a car full of kids crossing the Colorado border. 

When the  second half commenced with those familiar notes of Tweezer it was evident in would be an adventurous evening. That ended up being an understatement as the six song (one being Suzy) jam heavy second set was pure supernatural. The opening duo of Tweezer>Sand produced jams that dreams are made of. My favorite “Limb By Limb” since the the historic St. Louis version gave way to the  iniquitous duo in the form of “Harry Hood & You Enjoy Myself”. If that was not enough the garden was treated to the elusive “Lizards” before “Reprise” brought the night to an end. I about fell out of my couch many times, to all the fortunate folks inside…...I salute you. This four night Holiday run has officially motivated me to rob a bank! So maybe a will see you in Mexico….maybe
Words: Kevin Long
Photo: Phish F.B Page 

Setlist Phish: Sat, Jan 02, 2016
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Set 1: Your Pet Cat, AC/DC Bag > NICU, It's Ice > Horn > Divided Sky, Axilla > Maze, Train Song > Julius
Set 2: Tweezer > Sand > Limb By Limb > Suzy Greenberg > Harry Hood > You Enjoy Myself[1]
Encore: The Lizards, Tweezer Reprise
[1] Trey and Fish on drums.
Notes: This show is being webcast via Live Phish. Trey teased Stash during Divided Sky. During YEM, Trey briefly joined Fish on the drums.