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Tuesday, January 26

Joe Russo's band Almost Dead actually went Furthur.

Joe Russo's band Almost Dead actually went Furthur. 

Joe Russo's band Almost Dead turns three today. They have discovered more musical realms than the actual Core Four have achieved since 7 Walkers and The Mickey Hart Band. 
    All the best things in life seem to happen on accident. Beer,  penicillin, L.S.D; shit even me. After Furthur played for almost four years without advancing the music an inch in my humble opinion. They resembled a Las Vegas tribute band most nights. The Phil Lesh and Bob Weir band suffered chemistry problems for the band's tenure. The music was hit or miss and usually in the same night. Jill Lesh making the setlists usually resulted into musical roadblocks if the music managed to get up to speed. It did manage to advance her ego, while pushing the band members into separate camps. Robert Hunter always reminds us that something new is waiting to be born. That animal came in the form of Joe Russo becoming dedicated. That is proving to be a gift that keeps on giving. 

     Joe Russo's Almost Dead played their first show on January 26, 2013. In addition to Joe losing the handcuffs, it also reunited him with his longtime band mate and friend keyboard virtuoso Marco Benevento. This band of destiny also includes Ween's bassist Dave Dreiwitz,  Scott Metzger on guitar and vocals, and American Babies' Tom Hamilton also on guitar and vocals. They set out to play a handful of shows, but the music had other ideas. Our beloved songbook  took on a new life and no gem was safe from a new arrangement or time constraint. It's everything these songs deserve has lightening was captured in a bottle. Word is the circus is coming to a close soon. I am just glad to have witnessed my beloved songs finally go Furthur if only for three years. I have a feeling this circus is far from over. Even if J-Rad does not know it yet. 
Words: Kevin Long