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Thursday, January 21

Happy Anniversary Umphrey's McGee. 18 years of auditory communication.

Happy Anniversary Umphrey's McGee. 18 years of auditory communication. 

In 1995 two bands merged to create Umphrey's McGee. The rest is history, as they have managed to create a sound all their own. In a time when most jam oriented bands all sounded similar, it did not take long to set themselves apart. I have witnessed well over fifty shows and I still do not know what to expect from each show.  Their concerts are a musical rollercoaster as they literally use every genre of music to create a live performance few bands can compete with. 

 Jake Cinniger  has became one of the premier guitar players in music today. The perfect yang to Bayliss's ying. But what I respect most about the band is they are always looking for new ways to connect with their loyal fanbase. From the yearly U.M. Bowls or their S2 events, they are constantly pushing the envelope. I am hoping this adrenaline fueled career is just getting started. I will never tire of picking my jaw off the floor. 
Words:Kevin Long
Photos: Joe Schlee