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Wednesday, January 13

Dear Diary, The Stars look different today

Dear Diary, The Stars look different today

  I want to apologize as I have been somewhat absent since David Bowie's final disappearing act. His death hit me hard and from many different angles. First & foremost, I have loved Bowie since I was young & his music comforted me as a young man from New York who just moved to the South. It was 1988 in Memphis and if ignorance was bliss then this city was ecstatic. If I ever got confused, he was there to remind who the real assholes were. His music was the soundtrack of mine and many of my friend’s beautifully broken childhoods. His schizophrenic career played out as my secret musical psychologist always laughing at my struggles, thus keeping them firmly in their proper perspective.

Lastly, when I lose one of my musical icons a little piece of me dies with them. I severely mourn their loss on a personal level. Did I know David Bowie? Damn right, I did. I knew him much more than personally. Similar to weeping uncontrollably when you lose your dog and you wonder why grandma’s passing did not evoke such pain. It's not a rational way to behave, but when does love command rational emotions. I have been blown away by Bowie’s last musical explosion. He pulled off only what Warren Zevon manage to do with his release of “The Wind” ironically,also two days before his passing. Although in different ways, as Zevon was outspoken about his death sentence and Bowie magically shielded us from his. They both left with us, a soundtrack to the most personal aspect of one's life. Their death… so David,  Rest in Power as only you would have it. 
Words: Kevin Long
Editor: Greg H.