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Wednesday, January 20

Dead and Company will continue. Is it time for new material?

Let's go run and see

Bob Weir and Bankoroo confirmed this week that Dead and Company is not a one and done band. Or should I say DeadCo? I am thrilled Bobby is addressing the issue of having to say that damn and. Personally,  I was phrenetic every time that word stretched out my vocabulary or sentence. If everybody needs new t-shirts that is a small price to pay. But I digress, I thought the band was proficient and I enjoyed both shows I caught. John Mayer was a delight to witness and proved dead nation wrong. The enthusiasm this masterful musician had for the music was infectious and the positive vibes managed to continue from Chicago. 

 It was nice not being the oldest guy in the crowd at Fare Thee Well. This, among an infinite amount of seemingly insignificant circumstances is why it reminded what a Grateful Dead concert felt like. The vibe was wondrous and more animated than the two GD shows held there nearly twenty years ago. I recall after "Attics of my Life"  tears rolling down my face utterly content. I was so proud of the band and to be a small part of such a supernatural community.  Only Breaking Bad ended on such a high artistic note. That was a Hollywood ending that as always eluded me. 

I was not surprised that Bobby Fucking Weir formed a band and toured, that is who he is. Pony boy playing guitar threw me for a loop, but I trusted it would be a fun band and it was. I enjoyed both my shows and the tour by almost all accounts was a success. But after hearing the news they will continue, one thought came to mind. I am not trying to be negative, but it's time for some new music. Shit, not since The Other Ones in 1998 have they even attempted to introduce new songs. They seem content to not rock the boat and keep cashing checks. Bobby has been quoted many time saying he would get bored playing the same songs every night. Well for the past twenty years, you have. If they want to stay relevant in my opinion new material is a must. If not, I fear they will become another Las Vegas act.
Words: Kevin Long