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Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year! A Year Worth Celebrating

Here at Grateful Music we want to thank you for another magical year. We enjoyed sharing the historic musical journey with you. The Grateful Dead proved after fifty years that they are not only still relevant, but they are still the band all others are measured by. Our collective dream was realized when Trey joined the boys at Fare Thee Well and for five glorious nights he was playing in the band. Big Red's performance helped rejuvenate Dead nation, similar to what Disney achieved for the Star Wars universe. The force was definitely awakened. If one needs further proof take a look at John Mayer tonight as Dead & Company welcomes in year 51! He will be shredding his guitar in the very city where he used to make his arrogance shine instead of those rusty strings. He helped remind us how special grateful music is and our meaningful community that surrounds it. 
After Fare Thee Well, Trey quickly joined his band mates, Phish for a tour that substantiated that the 3.0
era will not be a novelty act. They achieved liftoff almost every show.  Demonstrating patience that led to historic jams and melted faces nightly. The quality of the music displayed by Vermont's finest this year was nothing short of outstanding as the future never looked brighter for this foursome and their fans. 
 It was not just these two franchises that had years to celebrate as our whole genre (good fucking music) seemingly was rejuvenated.  From String Cheese to moe. and their now historic Halloween show,  Neil Young and all notes in between had banter years. The force has awaken alright and while the mainstream music keeps vocalizing their struggles, our future burns bright. Tonight let loose and wear out those dancing shoes. In my humble opinion you will need a new pair in the coming year. Please do not party and drive because the jam band scene needs you alive. Until next year.......
Words: Kevin Long 
Photos: GD50