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Friday, November 20

Space Jesus - Close Encounters -- Album Review

Music acts like a portal taking us to another world or dimension where the ups and downs of day to day life seem to just fade further and further away. The style or genre that takes you there may be different for each of us, but regardless its music that takes us there.  As I travel deeper and deeper into the vast world that is music I have quickly come to find that every style possess the ability to take me to this place in its own unique way, which is exactly what Space Jesus has done with his newest album Close Encounters.

Close Encounters quickly opened my eyes and ears to a style of music that I have only recently begun to experience. Taking something that for me had always been best experienced live and late night with friends and wrapping it up in a portable version all while keeping the energy that is key to the success of the music. The bass heavy synth driven soundscape he creates throughout the album seems to have multiple personalities that somehow manage to work together in a rather pleasing way. Space Jesus finds a way to draw you in and hold you there from start to finish, with an album that twists and turns throughout. It feels somewhat like a trip into outer space with a pit stop or two along the way back on planet earth. This is done with the help of guest lyricists, producers and unique samples including everything from politicians speaking to a rather unexpected one of the Grateful Dead. Creating an album that is nothing short of a trip through the wacky mind of a talented artist. Capturing all that Space Jesus brings to the table from hip hop to dance with some of his personal feelings mixed in along the way, this album will satisfy even his biggest of fans while rounding up some new ears that will be pleasantly surprised.
This album opened me up to a fresh sound, taking me places I never expected it to, all while capturing the creative mind of the artist. Each track is crafted and delivered in a way that makes me want to get out and see Space Jesus live, which for me is exactly what any successful album should do.

 The album is available on iTunes

Review by Chason Heins

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