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Monday, November 30

Preview: Do Not Miss 'Jazz is Phish' - Brooklyn Bowl - Dec 19th, 2015

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, yet innovation is superior, and innovation upon the revered discography of Phish is essentially flattery on steroids. Jazz is Phish, a brand new ensemble with the sole mission of interpreting the songs of Phish in an inventive and uniquely jazzy format, lays it on thick as it takes the preeminent jam band’s discography outside the stratosphere with soulful melody and funky beats. The bands formation was inspired by the highly successful venture of Jazz is Dead, and while this new group owes some inspiration to their Grateful Dead counterpart, their similarities diverge thereafter. This is a wholly Phishy enterprise, and its members have deep ties within the Phish community and jam band sphere at large, through various collaborations and projects of their own.

Fully instrumental, the ensemble is fronted by the Chase brothers of the Phish tribute act Strange Design. They've gathered a stellar lineup of musicians at the top of their game, from Victor Wooten Band, The Flecktones, Dave Matthews Band, The Giant Country Horns, Cosmic Crewe, Sun Ra, John Brown's Body, Snarky Puppy, and the list goes on. With the exceptional pedigree of each of the respective musicians, catching this super group live is a no brainer, however adding the innate magic of the Phish catalog to the mix makes these upcoming performances must-see.

Horn heavy, funk infused, Jazz is Phish attacks the composed portions of each Phish song with a respectful attention to detail, while taking the improvisational sections to new heights with a subtle sound all their own. Whether or not you’re a die hard fan of Phish, a jazz aficionado, or fall somewhere in between, this band is breaking new ground, and may just be your cup of tea. Regardless of your penchant for their main inspiration, attending one of these upcoming performances may leave you a Phish Phan in training.

Jazz is Phish has performed together a few times already, but at the upcoming shows at the original Brooklyn Bowl (12/19) and the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC (12/20) we can expect to see a band that's worked out all the kinks, and is ready to hit the ground running. While they may all be human, the members of this super group are well-oiled machines, commensurate professionals that attack their musical undertakings with pride and vigor. Jazz is Phish has already proven they can delve into the intricate orchestrations in many a Phish tune with tact, and as they embark upon their second run of shows, count on hearing musical mastery to the highest degree. And don't forget your dancing shoes, as this conglomeration will no doubt throw down transcendentally.

Michael Ray - Sun Ra Arkestra - Trumpet
Jeff Coffin - Dave Matthews Band - Sax
Chris Bullock - Snarky Puppy - Sax
Scott Flynn - Pretty Lights Band - Trombone
Anthony Wellington - Victor Wooten Band - Bass
Adam Chase - Strange Design - Drums
Matthew Chase - Strange Design - Guitar
Josh Thomas - With Lions - Keys

Grab your tickets for the Brooklyn Bowl show here (, and the Howard Theatre show here (, and grab them fast as these events will be packed!

Words: Russell S. Glowatz
 ©Grateful Music LLC