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Saturday, October 10

Review and Photos: Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, Turkuaz and PitchBlak Brass Band - Brooklyn Bowl - 9/30/15

 The phrase “Never miss an opening act,” has never seemed to hold more true than this past Wednesday evening as PitchBlak Brass Band and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band joined Turkuaz for a full on dance party at Brooklyn Bowl. Three bands with a common theme of high energy funk driven fun created a powerful night to remember.  
Entering the venue, the stage appeared as if it had been taken over by an army of musicians bouncing around, oozing an infectious energy that instantly sucked me in. My body quickly began bouncing to the wall of music in front of me, a mix of styles unlike anything I had seen before. PitchBlak, a local Brooklyn based band, was nothing close to what I expected and more than I could have ever hoped for. There are few bands that do what these guys do, taking Hip Hop and surrounding it with a wall of beautiful sound. The sounds, created by a full stage of horns including trumpet, trombone and sousaphone as well as a guitar, drummer and percussionist put a fresh twist on a style of music that rarely pushes these type of boundaries. Their sound crosses genres creating a set of music that is as entertaining as it is exciting, making it pretty hard to not let loose and enjoy yourself to the fullest. This band has a bright future and I look forward to seeing them again both in the near future and for years to come.
Keeping in the theme of powerful walls of music Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band out of Ashville, North Carolina took to the stage. This was my first time seeing this band live and without a doubt not my last. Their fusion of modern funk with old school roots shines through with a larger than life on-stage performance. Mixing in Hip Hop and classic covers with high energy originals nothing is off limits to this band, including their willingness to take to the crowd fully engaging the audience. From Al Al Ingram weaving his way through the crowd to Derrick Johnson jumping down to the floor with his trombone as the excited crowd formed a circle around him. The band didn’t stop there as keyboardist Mary Frances went mobile at one point playing over her head and behind her back as she made her way around the stage. The band kept me moving and singing along to songs I barely knew thanks to some catchy hooks and dance inducing jams. There is little doubt this band will be around for some time to come filling venues and invigorating crowds each and every stop along the way.
There are few bands that can follow what had already taken place earlier in the evening, but then again there aren’t many bands like Turkuaz out there. Embarking on a full blown fall tour in support of their new album “Digitonium” this is a band on a mission and they are succeeding. This 9 piece act takes over a stage and fills the air with Funk infused with just about every style imaginable. Creating their own unique style that continues to draw new fans in with each and every performance. 
They continually find a way to keep their performances fresh and exciting mixing powerful horns and mesmerizing guitars dripping with a disgustingly powerful rhythm section and infections vocals. This night has an added treat with Nate Werth joining in making the already powerful rhythm that much stronger. Nate projects an uplifting energy through his music and that energy could be felt throughout the entire set. From old to new the evening featured a diverse set list full of highlights. One of the many was “Lika,” a tune off the band’s new album, kicked things off perfectly setting the room a blaze with its heavy dance-infused sound very reminiscent of the Talking Heads in their prime. From there fan favorites like “Bubba Slide” kept the energy high and the packed house grooving along with the band. Turkuaz has always impressed me whether it be their undeniable individual talent or the effortless way in which they seem to mesh together as one this band always delivers. This Brooklyn based band is taking their music to the masses and being welcomed with open arms leaving nothing but a promising road ahead. Whether at a festival or local venue this is a band that will get you up and keep you moving any time of day. If you have yet to experience what this band has to offer do yourself a favor and embrace the Funk that is Turkuaz the next time they head into a town or city near you.
Not all shows are created equal and this evening was a perfect example of just that. Three bands joined together creating an evening of non-stop entertainment. From Hip Hop fusion to dynamically driven funk there was never a dull moment. Each of these bands stand out on their own, but putting all three together created a night to remember.

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band is made up of:
Al Al Ingram: Bass/Vocals
Mary Frances: Keyboard/Vocals 
JP Miller: Guitar/Vocals
Derick Johnson: Trombone/Vocals
Lee Allen: Drums

PitchBlak Brass Band is made up of:
 Chanell Circhlo: Sousaphone/Mc, 
 Alison Shearer: Alto Saxophone
Bryan Walters: Trumpet/MC 
Timothy James Robinson: Trombone, MC 
 Alanina Alster: Trombone 
Brian Lotze: Trumpet/ MC
Chris Johnson: Percussion/MC
Ben Brody: Guitar/French Horn
Ashley Baier: Drums
Max Sholl: Trombone

Turkuaz is made up of:
Dave Brandwein: Guitar/Vocals
Taylor Shell: Bass
Craig Brodhead: Guitar/Keyboards
Michelangelo Carubba: Drums
Chris Brouwers: Trumpet/Keyboards
Greg Sanderson: Tenor Sax
Josh Schwartz: Bari Sax/Vocals
Sammi Garett: Vocals/Tambourine
Shira Elias: Vocals

Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller

 ©Grateful Music LLC