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Monday, October 5

Dead and Company Free Show Lowdown


After reading the fine print for FREE Dead & Company tickets for 11/7 @ MSG, we have the essential information for you:

-Head to to enter.

-Entry period ends on October 8th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

-10,000 tickets/5,000 pairs will be awarded by a random selection on or around October 9th.

-If a winner, you will be notified in the weeks following 10/9.

-Winning tickets will be available at will call on the day of the show.

-Tickets are non-transferable.***

-Winning tickets that aren't claimed will be randomly re-awarded at a selected time(s). 

"Multiple entries are prohibited, and if discovered you will be ineligible to win."

-Who/what/where the other 10,000 tickets are going...your guess is as good as mine. Maybe a charity auction (Robin Hood Foundation?), maybe comped to friends, family, etc of the large and deserving GD production crew, maybe celebrities, maybe another freebie release will take place...maybe a mixture of all of the above? Who knows? I don't. So let's not speculate any further.

This is a beyond kind offer by the Boys and a wonderful way to express their gratitude to us deadheads. And yes, while Amex has its fingers in it, in a way it harkens back to the good old days (before most of our time) of free concerts in Golden Gate Park and the Haight. So let's be GRATEFUL, let's keep our fingers crossed, let's put good vibes out into the universe, and maybe that energy will swing back our way. And most importantly, let's BE KIND!

UPDATE: There will be a FREE livestream directed by Brett Ratner!

The band is encouraging those attending the show or watching from home to donate to the Robin Hood Foundation, which fights poverty in NYC.

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Words: Russell Glowatz 
 ©Grateful Music LLC