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Saturday, September 19

Catskill Chill Friday Review

Nothing but blue skies and sunshine here at the 5th Annual Catskill Chill Music festival and after a powerful opening night of music the festival is off to a roaring start. The music ranging from powerful Funk to 80’s Bluegrass and just about everything in-between was as good as I could have ever hoped for.

The day started off with a powerful acoustic set from personal favorites Consider The Source showcasing the bands undeniable mastery of their instruments. This was just the beginning of the fun as a powerful Funk train named the The Nth Power rolled onto the Main Stage. This is a band not only truly loves what they do but also the fans that flock to their shows night after night and this love could be felt poring off the stage throughout their set. The Funk didn’t stop there with Lettuce bringing their crunchy style to a packed main stage that seemingly blossomed to life as Nigel Hall took over delivering a top notch vocal performance.  Following Lettuce isn’t the easiest of tasks but then again not everyone is George Porter Jr. This father of funk like a good wine seems to just keep getting with time and this was clearly evident after what for me was one of the most entertaining sets of the day.

As the moon began to shine the magic of a Late Night Chill began to set in as Lotus took to the main stage. The packed house seemed glued to the stage as the band delivered a well-crafted set paired with a jaw dropping light show turning the main stage area into a full on dance party.  If this wasn’t your speed and you happen to be a fan of the Grateful Dead Twiddle and Friends turned club chill into the sing along event of the evening with help for Tim Palmieri as well as Todd Stoops among others. This seemed to be one of the most attended sets of the night leaving many fans outside dancing to the music as Club Chill was filled to capacity.

Closing the evening out Dopapod and Turkuaz combined forces creating the ever powerful force known as Dopakuaz. Transforming the main stage into a Studio 54 styled 70’s dance party this was one of the best sets I have seen at chill over the course of the last 5 years. The chemistry between band members seemed to take the music to the next level as the band may have been having as much fun as the packed crowd they were playing for. As the clock hit 4am and the music began to wind down smiling faces could be seen wandering off into the night marking the end of day 1 at Chill.
Words: Chason Heins
Photo: Mike Geller

 ©Grateful Music LLC