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Monday, April 27

The Mantras 4/21/15 Brooklyn Bowl Review and Photos

The Mantras came and rocked the Brooklyn Bowl on 4/21/15.  They had help from Gowanus and Sprocket to complete the night.   Gowanus is an experimental rock band from Brooklyn featuring Duke Kurick on guitar, Alan Maginn on keyboards/electronics, Matt Domser on bass, and Brandon McKlaskey on drums.  

Sprocket is another local Brooklyn based band which began as a power trio in 2011 and added keys in 2012.  in 2013 they released their first album and started performing more often.  Consisting of Thomas Tompkins on guitar, Nate Rosler on drums, Dan Haller on Bass, and Angel Miliano on Keyboards, their next stop is Rock N Roll Resort on Friday May 1.  I recommend you check out these bands if you have the chance. They both have incredible talent.

The Mantras finally took the stage it only took a few bars for me to remember why I took to them hard and fast.  There was not a moment of letdown in their 2 hour set.  They are from North Carolina and are making their way around the country and playing many festivals along the way.  The sound at first reminded me of southern jam with a hint of SCI but they got funkier as the night went on showing me a new dimension.

Guitarists Keith Allen and Kenn Mogel, keyboardist Julian Sizemore, Drummer Justin Loew, bassist Brian Tyndall, and percussionist Brent Vaughn all held their own.  Matt Gordon kept the mix sounding great and Dustin Klein provided visual projections to enhance the enjoyment. The highlight for me was the "Burning Down The Mountain" mashup jam consisting of "Burning Down The House" and "Fire On The Mountain". The interplay between Keith and Kenn on guitars was incredible!! Instead of each playing and singing the respective song, they played one and sang the other!!  This was a perfect way to top off an awesome night of jams in Brooklyn!



Here we go
Kinetic bump
Knot suite 1>
Knot suite 2
Burning down the mountain

Words and Photos: Mike Geller

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