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Thursday, April 16

Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit Reunite ( The Real NewsToday)

Along with the announcement out of The Dead's camp, that Chicago's "Fare Thee Well" shows will be broadcast in select theaters. I am sure this will only appease the silent fans and enrage the loud ones. A press release was emailed to me that awoke my senses with the power of Thor's hammer striking Captain America's shield.
  Legendary improv-rock pioneers Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Resue Unit will reunite for a historic tour this summer. The wild, excitingly out-there, jam driven outfit will be complete. The surrealist Col. Bruce will surround himself with the original members,  Oteil Burbridge on bass, Jimmy Herring and the awe-inspiring Jeff Sipe keeping time. Relix brilliantly referred to them as the "Jam-band Velvet Underground" and the title is perfect. 
   Before I was Phishing and while I was following Jerry and his circus, this band played a seminal role in blowing my mind in a completely different manner. In a much more deranged fashion, than any other band. It's without question, because of these innovators, we have such a diverse, thriving improvisation music community today. The band parted ways in 1993 and each member has gone on to concour their respected worlds. There have been reunions' in the past usually missing a member and only taking place over a weekend or just a show. But to finally witness these musical geniuses reunite for a string of shows, all bringing their  wealth of magic they have gained over the years back to the lunatics' table. The musical possibilities are not only the headline of today, but will be looked back on as nothing short of historic. 
    There was a reason Jon Fishman serenaded the embarrassed Colonel in Knoxville on 11-28-1995 with Phish's only rendition of BĂȘte Midler's top 40 balled "Wind beneath my Wings". It was not your usual Henrietta joke, it was heart felt and it was a sign of respect. Because this pioneer and his outfit of raw talent rewrote the rules and everyone lucky enough to be present that night felt it. What they have in store for us this summer is anybody's guess, but I can promise you one thing it is definitely
the news of the day. 
Words: Kevin Long (An editorial)

Tour Dates
7-29-2015 Fox Theatre,Boulder Co
7-30-20-5 Fox Theatre, Boulder Co
7-31-2015 Mishawaka, Bellveue Co
8-1-2015   Ogden Theatre, Denver Co
8-5-2015   Iron City, Birmingham, Al
8-6-2015.  Cannery, Nashville, Tn
8-7-2015.  Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga
8-8-2015. Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
8-12-2015. The Ritz, Raleigh, NC
8-13-2015.  The National, Richmond,Va
8-14-2015.    The Howard Theatre, DC
8-15-2015.  Capital Theatre, Port Cheste
8-16-2015.  Brooklyn Bowl NYC, NY

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