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Sunday, March 29

Round of 32: Grateful Music's March Madness - 64 Best Guitarist's - Click here to see the full bracket, the match-up's are posted to our Facebook page daily for voting!

 Grateful Music's March Madness 64 Best/Favorite Guitarist of All Time!! Round of 32

Vote on the Facebook page, in the comment section the posted matches of the day at 
You have 24 hours to vote, the winners will be announced every morning!
Click To Enlarge Bracket!
Do your research if you haven't heard any or one of these guys play....
We have some really tough matchup's coming like Page Vs. Chuck Berry, Ry Cooder Vs. BB King or Trey against Stevie Ray....They all wash out to 1 in the end!
 You must ONLY vote by putting in the name of the winning guitarist in the comment section below this FB post please. All of these winners will move onto the SWEET SIXTEEN!  

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