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Thursday, March 19

Grateful Music's March Madness!! Top 64 Greatest Guitarist Ever! The Full Bracket!

Over the last four years our our March Madness Tournaments have crowned Terrapin Station the best GD song out of 64 of our favorite GD tunes. Y.E.M the best Phish song. The Grateful Dead the best Jamband and last year, Dark Side of the Moon won best album.This year your votes will crown the best/favorite guitarist of all time. Remember we make the bracket, but your votes decide who wins the match-up all the way until one Picker is left standing. The 65 guitarist and the last man out this year was Dave Mustaine and Ted was ineligible for being a  class act DICK!
Everyone on the team put time into this but Mike Geller and Kevin Long really pored their hearts and souls into making it. They stayed up WEEKS!  Thank You Team!
Click to Enlarge The Bracket!
Every band member is important but what is a band without a man on that oh so much needed Get-Tar?  We love um, they are usually the most exposed member of their band, and though they make up a part of many, we are happy to let them go head to head in a contest that is complete and TOTAL madness!  We hope you enjoy the multiple daily match-ups that we will post each day over the next three weeks.  
Good Luck Guitarists, may the best axe-man win!
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