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Monday, February 23

Review and Photos: Umphrey’s McGee - Portland, Maine - State Theatre - 2/19/2015

Umphrey’s Mcgee and Portland Maine, what a gnarly combination! A far out East-Coast Port town crossed with the progressive shred-rock that is Umphrey’s was sure to spell trouble. The show popped off with a hip-hoppin’ “Drink My Drank” led by Ryan Stasik that set the running pace for the band to hit “The Floor” with a late night feel that Jake Cinninger delved into right off the bat.

The band was clearly well practiced and riding the tour high as they seamlessly weaved “ Divisions > Stanton > Divisions” perfectly transitioning in and out. This mild-mannered Thursday night show in Maine was already morphing into a beast when the band chomped crunched its’ way right into “Mulche’s Odyssey” that split any Umphrey’s virgins minds in half like a coconut and reminded the already established Umphreak’s why they love the band. The show then took a turn to “The Linear” which filled up the State Theatre with a huge sound that reminded you indeed, Umphrey’s is a 6-piece band working synergistically.
Umphreys’ Mcgee had planned to stream the show live; however due to the snow conditions it was cancelled. The worlds eyes were off of the band for once, and they weren’t afraid to let loose with their “Cut the Cable” that didn’t come across as heavy as in the album version, but was truly impressive none the less. “October Rain” slowed things down a bit and gave some atmosphere to the spacious venue with the soundscapes the band creates through Farag’s percussion and synergy. The raging first set closed out with an awesome cover of “Live and Let Die” that reminded us we were all out stranded in a snowstorm together, partying with our favorite band. The energy in the venue was buzzing.
“Bridgeless” opened up the second set with a continuation of the theme of spacious soundscapes that the band had left off in the previous sets “October Rain”.
“Hang Up Your Hang Ups” was a rare treat to follow, as Umphrey’s has only performed this song one other time in their history. The heavily instrumental song had me lost in the spacious energy of the venue until the band slapped me back into reality with a rock-shredding “ Get In The Van” that circled back perfectly into the end of “Bridgeless”.
Just when getting snowed in with Umphrey’s McGee couldn’t get any better; they blast off into “ FF” that was a memorable highlight of the show. 
“Made To Measure” followed into a personal favorite of mine “40’s Theme” that Jake’s voice led all they way through to “End of the Road”. The firey second set closed out and brought down the house with “Roulette > Slacker” to top off the already formidable set. This amazing, snowy night with Umphrey’s McGee could be capped of with none other than an beat driven encore of “Triple Wide” that left my head spinning and the audience in ecstatic disbelief. Umphrey’s McGee, never fails to deliver.
Words and Photos: Joe Schlee
 ©Grateful Music LLC