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Friday, February 27

RIP: Legendary Blues guitarist Robert Belfour has died.

The Legendary blues guitarist Robert Belfour pasted away in his adoptive hometown of Memphis at the age of 74 in the morning of February 24th. Nicknamed "Wolfman" his acoustic playing style was as unique as it was mesmerizing. His background was in Mississippi Hill Country traditions. Unfortunately he took those unusual licks with him to the grave. Belfour, was influenced by legends John Lee Hooker and Lighten Hopkins. He did not make his first album until he was 59. By that time he was a Beale street regular where he started performing in the early eighties. The Memphis Blues Society our excepting donations for his funeral. Like any real bluesman he only pasted away rich in talent. 
Another one gone.
Words: Kevin Long
Photo: Ellis Jones IV
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