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Friday, February 20

Feature: ALO and their Tour D' Amour, celebrating Fly Between Falls as California Falls In Love Once Again

The Santa Barbara founded quartet: ALO is currently deeply immersed in their 9th Tour D' Amour, a February regular that is a love affair with their California Roots, and their fans.  This annual tour, where some of their most daring music has been auditioned to one day become classics in their repertoire of their catalog.  This year you can find them playing at regular hot spots, tonight in Grass Valley, CA and you can find them at The Crystal Bay Club, in Nevada, but just feet from Cali, as it's a border venue, on Saturday the 21st. 
Since their last album Sounds Like This they have spent a lot of time touring and also playing in side projects with Lebo a steady member of Phil and Friends at Terrapin Crossroads, the supergroup Incidental Animals with Lebo, Steve and Dave, and of course Zach Gill on tour with Jack Johnson as a "Key" member to his band.  So to add to the excitement of this yearly affair it came as awesome news that the quartet is currently in the studio working on new album.  Where do they find the time?

This February in San Francisco when they cap off their Tour they are bringing two extra treats to the Fillmore.  The first night they will play their record Fly Between Falls in it's entirety to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary.  The second afternoon they will play a kid friendly singalong show which is something that fans I am sure have wanted for a long time as their music makes us all move, and brings out the cubs and guppies in all of us.  It makes us all move, no matter the age.  Then a final night of songs with some older, some newer but it will be the whole ALO experience.  

Fly Between Falls is in many fans opinion the pivotal ALO album.  Every song in one way or another embodies what ALO is about.  They do something that is rare in their genre.  They produce amazing music in the studio that is addictive to hear-listen to then spin it over and over again and all the while the spirit of their live show matches the precision that is as loose as their records are solid. Last year at The Fillmore, aside from Lebo playing the late Jerry Garcia's "Wolf Guitar", they also had a free photo booth where you could dress up and get a stack of photos of you and your friends, lover or just you.  It's always an adventure with ALO and it seems like the personalities of these four amount to something that is rarely captured let alone adored.  So this February we are in LOVE with ALO.  We hope to see all of you at the Fillmore but if not we're sure it'll be sooner than later and one of the many dates to come!  Another tasty note is that they will be co-headlining  the High Sierra Music Festival this Summer. Welcome to your Barbecue....
Remaining Dates:
Feb 20 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ T Sisters 
Grass Valley, CA

Feb 21 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ T Sisters 
Crystal Bay, NV

Feb 22 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX (Evening with ALO) 
Chico, CA

Feb 25 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ T Sisters 
San Luis Obispo, CA

Feb 26 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ T Sisters 
Santa Cruz, CA

Feb 27 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ Fruition 
San Francisco, CA

Feb 28 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX Matinee: Sing-Along for Kids 

San Francisco, CA
Feb 28 
TOUR D'AMOUR IX w/ T Sisters 
San Francisco, CA
Words: Sammy Martin
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