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Friday, February 27

Album Review: Dank - Dank - 2015 / Tour Dates

Feb 3rd, 2015

"It's Only Rock 'n' Roll..."
Dank, formerly known as Dank Sinatra, the quintet from the music rich Athens, Georgia have released Dank, their self-titled debut under their new cropped down name. A testament to who they truly are as a real rock and roll band.  The authenticity of the work is clear and it grabs you and keeps your attention. That being said rather then attempt to rewrite a book that was already well written once, Dank is rooted in the great foundation that their Rock 'n' Roll forefathers have laid down before them. While paying homage to the great history of the genre it clearly will satiate the purist of rock and roll; it's hard, rough and has it's defined razor's edge. Sometime's it's all about method, and on this record they clearly interpret the book of rock and that clarity helps set this album apart from the wave of indie-rock that has flooded the ears of many over the past decade. Fore sure, there are no art-house indie pretensions on this album. From start to finish, each track is seventies-style, gut-bucket rock and roll. The production is clean, although the bass could afford to be pumped a bit higher in the mix. The strong drumming makes up for this to a degree but the rhythm section could be a stronger piece of the album since you can tell the band has the chops to pull it off. I never heard the guys’ play under their old moniker as Dank Sinatra but I can tell you that playing this album on the jukebox of a biker bar won’t get a bottle broken over your head. And after all, isn't that the judge of whether an album is a good rock album or not? Now after downloading this goody you can plan to catch them on their Spring Tour that coming in full force at the end of March.


1.Crash The Door
2.Nobody Home
3.Gold Blues
4.Last Night
5.80's Dude

Meet Dank:

Josh Birmingham – Drums, Vocals
Matt Henderson – Keyboards, Organ, Moog, Vocals
Jimmy Bones – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Joe Gaines – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Vocals
Catch them tonight: 
February 27th – Charleston, SC | The Pourhouse
Words: Greg Heffelfinger and Sammy Martin
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