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Tuesday, January 6

Review and Photows: Dumpstaphunk - 11/26/14 - BB Kings- NYC

 A strange thing happened on my way into the city for this show.  I drove towards the Lincoln Tunnel and there were hardly any cars on the road.  Even more surprising was that I was able to pick my lane at the toll booths and there was no line anywhere!! If this isn't the sign of a great night ahead I don't know what is.
BB Kings is in the heart of Times Square. With the venue located in the center of everything, you have to be able to bring it to attract the attention of people with so much else around.  This night of music definitely fit that bill. 
DJ Quickiemart opened things up.  This was not a normal DJ set.  Instead of current flavor of the month mixes, he went oldshool funk and jaz to preview what was to come.  I found myself the most entertained I think I have ever been by a DJ as it was such a unique mix.
Dumpstaphunk took the stage for the first set which featured their works with the covers to come in set 2.  Ivan Neville on keys and vocals, Tony Hall on bass, guitar, and vocals, Ian Neville on guitar and vocals, Nick Daniels III on bass and vocals and Alvin Ford Jr. on drums completes the band.  The first set was very tight, funky, and featured one sit in when Todd Stoops of Kung Fu & RAQ took over the keys on Meanwhile while Ivan picked up a guitar.  This was the highlight of the set of me as it is my favorite song of theirs and having Todd Stoops on the keys adds another dimension.
The second set featured special guests and funky covers.  Appearing on stage were Nicki Richards, Brandon "Taz"  Niederauer, Todd Stoops again, and Eric Krazno of Soulive & Lettuce.  The Steeltown Horns featuring Reggie Watkins, Rick Matt, and JD Chaisson also featured throughout the night.
First Nicki Richards tood the stage to sing "Rock Steady" and "Tell me Something good".  Brandon "Taz"  Niederauer joined in for Fencewalk and Funk 49 and he looked like a mini-me for Ian Neville.  Eric Krason sat in on "For the Love of Money" and "What is and What Should Never be" and Todd Stoops returned for "Dr. Funkenstein".
Both with and without special guests Dumpstaphunk put on a show that will not be forgotten by any who attended.  All are masters of their craft and they have a very tight groove which is evidence of the time spend jamming together.  I recommend seeing these guys whenever possible.
 Set One: I Wish You Would*, I Know You Know*, Gasman Chronicles, Meanwhile*^, Water*, Dancin to the Truth, Raise the House*, Put It in the Dumpsta*

Set Two: Bustin’ Out*, Glide*, Rock Steady*#, Tell Me Something Good*#, Fencewalk^%, Funk #49%, For the Love of Money*$, What Is and What Should Never Be*$, Dr. Funkenstein*^, Mothership Connection*, People Say*, Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)*

* w/Steeltown Horns ^ w/Todd Stoops, keys
# w/Nicki Richards, vocals
% w/Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, guitar
$ w/Eric Krasno, guitar 
Words and Photos: Mike Geller
 ©Grateful Music LLC