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Tuesday, January 6

Review and Photos: MUN - ShwizZ - Newton Crosby - Brooklyn Bowl - 12/22/2014 -Brooklyn, NY

Living just outside of New York City affords me the opportunity to the see quality live music anytime I choose. The city offers up an amazing variety of music at venues both large and small, meaning there is a place and a show for everyone regardless of what you’re looking for. One of these venues that always seems to draw me in is Brooklyn’s own Brooklyn Bowl. From the ability to enjoy food and beer paired with bowling and live music venue creator Pete Shapiro seems to have found the perfect formula for fun all while steadily funneling some of music’s top national and local acts through its doors.
Last Monday evening was a great example of the undeniable local talent surrounding the area as a trio of up and comers joined together for a magical evening of music. The evening for me which unfortunately started a little later than planned due to holiday traffic kicked off with Newton Crosby. Although I was unable to make their opening performance, the fans who were in attendance had nothing but good things to say. With comments ranging from "Damn those guys can rip" to "Wow, I've never heard of those guys but I’m glad we made it out early for their set" & "I can safely say this was one I wish I didn't miss."
The 2nd piece of this 3 headed monster was Nyack based powerhouse ShwizZ. This band has been making waves at festivals and shows throughout the North East picking up fans and accolades along the way, Leading up to this their first ever appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl. This is a venue the band has had on their radar for some time now and they took full advantage of this opportunity playing the best I’ve seen them play all year. Each member of this band has the ability to take the lead at any moment, yet it’s the way they play off each other and mesh together as one that allows them to shine. 
From progressive rock to sweat inducing funk the band took fans on a musical journey throughout their set. Adding in a beautifully done version of the Beatles “A Day in the Life” the band captivated the audience with this perfectly placed tune. Delivering a true sampling of the many musical styles this band can embrace and just how talented they truly are, this set was a beautiful way to close out a killer year for ShwizZ all while leaving a room full of fans eagerly awaiting what’s in store for 2015.  
Fresh off a killer Winter Munderland weekend in Vermont, MUN the evening’s headliner took the stage. The crowd already amped up for the evening’s first two sets eagerly matching the high level of energy this band brings to the stage each and every show. I have had the privilege of seeing this band progress over the past few years, evolving and steadily growing into their own becoming a heavy weight in the North Eastern Jam scene.  Infusing electronic themed peaks with their heavy progressive style rock this band kept it moving throughout the evening.  
The effortless interplay between band members led to a set full of musical bliss as the band reached several extreme peaks throughout. The smiles seen throughout the crowd were mirrored only by those of the band as they seemed to be having the time of their life’s this evening. Delivering possibly the best performance I’ve seen from this band the evening was full of highlights and moments where I felt as if I was simply just lost in the music. Periodically snapping out of what can only be described as a musically induced trance just long enough to see that I was not alone in this feeling. My personal favorite was “Al Hanissim” a traditional Hebrew themed tune that without fail results in a room full dance party. 
This tune perfectly sums up what this band can do as a whole and how well they are received by fans where ever they play night after night. Their true passion for creating live music and the connection between band members translates into each of their performances and makes this one band I would recommend getting to know if you don’t already.
This was another prime example of this areas local talent at its finest, all brought together by one of the area’s top venues. Newton Crosby set the tone for a night that offered up a ton of top notch moments from each band across the board. One after the other each band took the stage with a passion and fire that could be felt throughout the venue, rounding out an evening filled with friends and good music. These are 3 young bands that without a doubt will continue to make their mark in the live music scene both locally and hopefully nationally as they continue to gain fans and perfect their crafts.  
Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller
  ©Grateful Music LLC