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Sunday, January 18

Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Ticketing - Mail order begins January 20th - Detailed Instructions

Please use recycled paper.
Refer to Please check for ticket prices and mail in dates. 
Orders will be filled on a "first-come-first-served" basis by postmark only, not by when THEY  receive them.

You will need the following:

*Two #10 size envelopes  (business-size 9 ½” X 4” envelopes)
*Postal Money Order(s), or Western Union Money Order(s)
*One 3x5 index card

Your order must be sent in #10 size envelope and should include a money order(s), your 3 x 5 index card, and a #10 SASE.

1. #10 Size Envelope
a) All orders should be sent to us by US mail in a #10 sized envelope addressed to: 
GDTSTOO, POB 456 Stinson Beach, CA 94970.
b) Please put the date of the show/s, the number of tickets and price per ticket on the outside of your envelope. If you are including multiply money orders put the price of your ticket prefrence. 
c) Write "Any" if you will accept any ticket price or any day.
d) Tickets for multiple shows may be ordered in the same envelope.
e) Taper Tickets should be noted on the outside of the envelope.  Taper tickets are limited to 2 per person per show.
f) Do not use any meter strips. 
g) Sending your order by Express Mail, Federal Express, DHL, etc., will not expedite your order processing in any way.
h) Everyone should fill out their own order. Duplication may cause for all involved orders to be disqualified.
i) Decorated envelopes are always welcome.

2. Postal Money Order(s), Western Union Money Order(s), Canadian Post in US Dollars and International Postal Money orders in US dollars 
a) No other money orders will be accepted.
b) We do not accept cash or personal checks. 
c) Make the money order payable to: 
d) Send separate money orders for each show day. 
e) Keep your money order receipt(s). If your order is not filled, your money order(s) will be returned to you.

3. 3x5 index card.
a) Put your full name; return address, area code, phone number and email address in the upper left hand corner of the card.
b) In the middle of the card, tell us which show(s) you want and the number of tickets you are ordering (4 ticket limit per person per show). 
c) Put "Any" if you will accept any ticket price or any day.
d) If Taper Tickets are desired, please indicate on your 3 x 5 card.
e) Include your preference for your return shipment: 
Regular mail: Fee is covered by SASE. Our Canadian and overseas patrons must add $2.00 US dollars to their money order for postage. Please do not send a postal coupon. 
Priority mail: The fee in the US is $9.00. 
For Outside the US the fee is $35.00 
FedEx express: The fee for this service is $25.00. FedEx does not deliver to post office boxes and is not available for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and overseas countries. You can include this fee in your money order. You must also include as sase for this service. 
You may include your shipping fees in your (lower priced if applicable) money order 

4. #10 SASE
a) Include in your order a #10 self-addressed, stamped envelope with a regular 49-cent stamp.
b) A 70-cent stamp is necessary if you order 8 or more tickets.


They are not responsible for tickets lost, stolen or delivered late by the post office or fed ex.

GDTS TOO Customer Service fax number: (415) 868-9819

$215.50 Reserved & Limited ADA Tickets
$95.50 Reserved Tickets 
$115.50 General Admission Pit & ADA Tickets (Both Limited) (Includes taper section) 

Ticket prices include a $6.00 GDTS TOO service charge and a $10.00 commemorative ticket fee 
(these fees are included in the above prices). 

The above tickets prices are the only tickets available via mail order. 
Additional ticket price levels, $59.50, $79.50, $119.50, $199.50 and 3-day packages (base prices) 
will be available via other outlets, check for info. 

Doors open at 5:00 PM
Showtime is at 7:00 PM

**Your order will be chosen first if you remember put the date of the show/s, the number of tickets and price per ticket on the outside of your envelope.

The first send in date (postmark) for these performances is Tuesday, January 20, 2015. 
Please do not send in before Tuesday or your order may not be filled. 

They state that their goal is to notify folks of their ticket status by the outlet on sale date. We do not have seat locations at this time. 

*For your best chance of receiving tickets include three money orders: one for the lower priced reserved ticket, the second for the difference between the lower price reserved and general admission, and the third for the difference between general admission and the higher price reserved. That way you will have all options covered.

Revised 1/17/15
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