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Friday, December 5

Bands you should Jam. Agori Tribe

Agori Tribe
Citing influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Bob Marley and Shpongle to My Morning Jacket, Agori Tribe’s unique sound has been best described as “progressive psychedelic rock.” The band combines elements of blues, traditional rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, reggae and more to form songs that seem more like compositions. Agori Tribe likes to begin their pieces deceptively soft and slow, leaving plenty of space for improvisation, so they can build the tunes into swirling frenzies of psychedelic explosions. By the end of each song, listeners cannot help but wonder where, how, why and what happened. The psychedelic waves are only beginning to set into motion as Agori Tribe continues to dazzle audiences, while they push forward and prepare for bigger things to come.
WORDS Randy Harris 
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