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Wednesday, September 24

Dates: Bluetech will set out on the Fall Tour on September 20th

Ambient producer Bluetech is best known for marching to the beat of his own drummer and has seduced fans with his unique take on downtempo, future bass, and progressive electronic music throughout his career. Rife with emotional intent, and polyrhythmic percussion, Bluetech is revered for producing honest music that is as deep as it is moving - perfect for meditation, yoga or sacred movement of any kind. Likewise, his music has been featured in a number of Independent Films including Sacred, Sacred and Occupy Love. During his tenure, Bluetech has released 18 albums, topping the downtempo charts and leading the way for ambient producers nationwide --- all the while, setting the standard for live downtempo around the world. While not on the road, the producer has also been building his own home and recording studio with his bare hands in the rural jungle of Hawaii. The project includes an off-the-grid roof water catchment system, solar and a permaculture gardens for the farming of ecologically friendly foods and fruits for guests who wish to book the recording studio for extended stays. A perfect container for creative archetypes, this is just one example of how Bluetech strives to set an example though action. Bluetech will set out on the fall tour on September 20th with festival performances booked at the Great North Music & Arts Festival and the Resonance Music & Arts Festival. He will end the tour at The New Parish in Oakland on October 17th - his first performance in Oakland since 2005. For more information about Bluetech and all of his latest projects, check out the official website at for more information.
 in Norridgewock, ME at Great North Music & Arts Festival
 in Minneapolis, MN at The Loft @ Barfly
 in Madison, WI at The Frequency
 in Kalamazoo, MI at Papa Pete’s
 in Pataskala, OH at Resonance Music & Arts Festival
 in Chicago, IL at Schubas
 in Allston, MA at Wonderbar
 in Baltimore, MD at 8 x 10
 in Asheville, NC at New Mountain
 in Denver, CO at Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom
 in Oakland, CA at The New Parish
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