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Monday, September 29

Album Review: Fruition & Grant Farm - Meeting On The Mountain EP - 2014

Fruition & Grant Farm 
Meeting On The Mountain EP
There was a time when country and rock & roll were not so different. It was a time when the core elements of the two genres were actually the same, a time before the words “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” would ever dare to tarnish the integrity and sincerity of country music. Iconic bands such as the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers Band, The Band, alongside so many others, combined country, rock & roll, and even blues and jazz, to create a truly American sound of music. With four simple tracks, Fruition has teamed up with Grant Farm to bring forth the essence of those days. Both bands have put in endless hours on the road and in the studio, gradually paying their dues, and it shows in their skillful songwriting as they tap into the auras of Jerry Garcia, Levon Helm and Dickey Betts. These four tracks make up the Meet Me On The Mountain EP, recorded at Kodak Lake Studio and released on September 23, 2014.
“Random Lee” kicks off the record with a relaxed acoustic rock groove. The song features elements of Led Zeppelin at times and the Grateful Dead at others. The feel of the tune speeds up, led by the drums, adding renewed energy. The group uses a crafty play on words with the title, singing “True love happens every day, Random Lee,” exploring the theme that love is all around us, and we never know when it will strike. You can try to put a genre on this track, but it is simply just a feel-good tune to jam to. “Meet Me On The Mountain” is a catchy, slow ballad that’s easy to sing along to, making it a great campfire song. Primarily a vocal tune, the group’s soaring, dynamic harmonies touch the heart. The crooning acoustic guitar solo, however, continues to tug at the heartstrings of listeners. Everybody has their own special place, whether literal or metaphorical, that they go to get away and forget their troubles. The Mountain in this tune represents that place for each and every one of us.
“Lazy Gold” is a groovy track, led by slick yet bold lead guitar lines, reminiscent of Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. The song features a funky harmonica-banjo-electric guitar solo section, and the group once again presents some of the most beautiful vocal harmonies in the chorus. “You Got The Spliff” is a fun-loving, toe-tappin’ country-blues tune, featuring some wailing harmonica and a groovy electric guitar solo. The theme of this tune is fairly obvious from the lyrics, starting with “You got the spliff and I got the fire, baby. Let’s get together, get a little higher,” and then adding “You got the jug, and I got the brews, baby.” This song is simply about having fun, getting stoned and drinking booze.
Overall, the combination of Fruition and Grant Farm turned out to be a powerful collaboration. The EP features an incredible collection of tunes, recorded with the kind of passion and expertise that can only come from those who are truly passionate about what they do. The Meeting On The Mountain EP is a must-have, and the ensuing Pacific Northwest tour is a must-see. The EP is available through all digital retailers and will be out in physical form at all Fruition and Grant Farm tour dates.

Words: Randy Harris

3 outta 5 GlowSticks!
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