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Monday, August 11

Umphrey's Mcgee - Lake Champlain Maritime Festival - 8.7.14 - Burlington, VT

 The Burlington waterfront on Lake Champlain was buzzing with energy as the crowd made their way into a gorgeous and spacious outdoor venue, set right on the water. The stage was intimate in size and it faced towards Lake Champlain. The green lawn and great location made for a enjoyable atmosphere. The Lake Champlain Maritime festival was a great host for this memorable show. 
Umphrey’s took the stage at promptly 6:30pm, a significantly earlier start than most typical Umphrey’s performances, but the energy of the Burlington crowd, and the beautiful location, helped the show get ripping into gear quickly. The set opened with “Conduit” a chill and relaxed vocal heavy song that was a perfect way to strike the mood for the night. The set heated up real quickly with an exceptionally early “Ocean Billy” that floated perfectly with the cool breezes coming off the lake. The band was clearly well practiced and in the zone, enjoying the venue. 
The tunes stayed chill with “Day Nurse” that also dynamically delivered the dance beats earlier on in the set then anyone would have expected. The “Day Nurse” slowly transitioned and eased its way back into an “Ocean Billy” reprise that featured some crazy solo-ing by Jake Cinninger. The almost poppy “No Diablo” followed and sling shotted right into “Hurt Bird Bath”. The jams started to extend and experiment as Wafuls’ light show started to cut through the air as the light slowly started to fade over the lake.
 The bluesy “Mail Package” fit in perfectly right behind the “August”. The band busted out the Beatles cover “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” that had not been seen in nearly 35 shows. Jake Cinninger led the song as he effortlessly shredded his way through the beautiful re-work. The sunset was burning orange in the sky over the Lake Champlain as Umphrey’s left the stage for the set break. The second set opened with “Similar Skin” off the bands new album. The set got some heat behind it with “Go To Hell” which appropriately transitioned into “The Bottom Half”. 
The light show was now in full swing as the darkness quickly enveloped the stage for “ Resolution >No Comment”. The magic of Wafuls light wizardy shone in its full glory as the lights pierced and shredded through “Plunger” the night time vibe was clearly in the air as “The Great American” broke up the set for a little break before ripping into “Drums> Great American > Plunger” that destroyed the small outdoor venue. The crazy second set closed with “Dump City” as the band triumphantly left the maritime stage. The band returned for an encore of “Kashmir” which hadn't been played in 69 shows! 
This amazing maritime venue provided for an awesome Plunger fest that was the highlight of the second set and the night. Umphrey’s Mcgee dominated the Lake Champlain Maritime festival. 
Words and Photos: Joe Schlee
 ©Grateful Music LLC