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Monday, August 18

Album Review: Goodnight, Texas: Uncle John Farquhar - August 5th, 2014 - Tallest Man Records

Goodnight, Texas 
 Uncle John Farquhar 
August 5th, 2014
 Tallest Man Records 
If there was ever a definition of true American music, Goodnight, Texas embodies that definition on all fronts. Not only is there music a divine combination of bluegrass, country, folk, Americana and indie rock, but the story behind the band and its name is truly all-American as well. The two primary songwriters, Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf, first met in San Francisco and bonded over their mutual love of old wooden instruments and a vision of late nineteenth century blue collar America. While Wolf moved across the country to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the two friends continued to collaborate. The duo named their band Goodnight, Texas, after a tiny town in the panhandle of Texas, Goodnight, which is the exact mid-point in between San Francisco and Chapel Hill. As if that wasn’t enough, the band’s debut album A Long Life of Living was inspired by stories from the Industrial Revolution era in the Appalachian Mountains. Now, their second studio effort Uncle John Farquhar reaches a bit further back into the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Inspired by Wolf’s great great great grandfather John Farquhar, the album weaves the listener through tales of bank robbers, booze, travel and war with breathtaking harmonies and primarily acoustic instrumentation. The band also incorporates some unique instruments in Uncle John Farquhar. The intro track features a 70 second solo on the mandolanjo from Vinocur, which is also included in “Hello Nebraska,” and Wolf plays the baritone guitar in “Cold Riders,” while Vinocur plays it in “Knock ‘Em Stiff.” Uncle John Farquhar is a truly unique piece of work that is sure to knock you off your feet. The album is available now via Tallest Man Records and is a featured release on iTunes.
Review: Randy Harris 
3 Outta 5 Glowsticks!  
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