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Monday, June 2

Review and Photos: Old Crow Medicine Show - Mobile, AL - Saenger Theatre - 5/22/14

I don't know if anyone’s ever found Jesus at an Old Crow Medicine Show concert, but by the time they played “I Saw the Light” at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile, AL, more than one person was finding his lord. Playing their first show in the Azalea City, OCMS gave it a hell of a go with a setlist strongly promoting their upcoming CD, Remedy. It’s a good thing the lord was on his way, because the “Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer” was the first scene in this show.
If you're not familiar with this song, go listen now. They followed it up with “Alabama High Test,” telling us, possibly, why the writer was in the conjugal trailer in the first place. A few songs later, we’re drinking our fill of “Firewater.” Damn, this is good medicine. We kept having a good time, the guest of the show, with “Bootlegger's Boy” & “Eight Dogs, Eight Banjos” & “Elzick’s Farewell” followed by “Cumberland River.” Similes were shown and jigs danced as we headed on down to “Mary’s Kitchen.” Ketch joked about “Shit Creek” causing the band to have an explicit content warning on Remedy, while they were perfectly fine with 4th-graders and cocaine. Up next was “Humdinger” and a hell of an “Ol Hairy/Raise A Ruckus.” And that “C.C. Rider” you want to hear, we heard it.
Holly Williams, granddaughter of Hank Williams, came out to join the band for one of the best “Angel from Montgomery”s that I’ve ever heard and a surprise “I Saw the Light.” “I Saw…” incidentally, was written by Hank Williams. What an emotional little bit of music. “Warden,” “Amarillo,” “Carry Me Back,” and “Fall On My Knees” led up to a barn-burner of “Tear it Down” followed by “Wagon Wheel” and we finished by having a whiff on them with “Cocaine Habit.” What a great show.
Exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, we called for the band to come back. Whether you think it necessary or serendipitous, the encore was...wait for it…”Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.” Let it be known, on May 22. 2014, Old Crow Medicine Show made ashes of Mobile, Alabama.  
Words: Dan Fugate
Photos: Jake Kruelen
©Grateful Music LLC