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Wednesday, June 4

Review and Photos: moe.- Lupos Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, Rhode Island - 5/30/2014

moe. opened up the first night of their summer tour at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel; an memorable and unique, lounge style venue in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. The band came in ready to rip the iconic hotel venue, following their album release party and acoustic show at Newbury Comics R.I. the night before. 
The band was clearly well practiced and ready to shred, riding the electric energy of the release of their new album, a mere three days previous to the show. moe. shredded in traditional form opening with “Spaz Medicine” which songs’ title perfectly describes the vibe the band gave off, a fast paced and sharp edged jam that gave off the feeling of a set closer, all in the envelope of the opening song. Chuck’s brand new Becker guitar, gleamed in the slicing light show as he noodled the freshly de-virginized strings of his new beastly beauty, flawlessly transitioning into a version of “Akimbo” that had long time moe. fans reminiscing of the last time they had seen a version of that song, so effortlessly and ecstatically performed. 
 The heavily guitar led “ Tubing the River Styx” acted as a smooth vehicle for with which to deliver the heavily vocal “ The Pit” which catapulted itself into a moe. tour staple “ The Road”. 
The band then pulled from their new album, with “ White Lightening Turpentine” which nestled right in perfectly with moe.’s arsenal of psychedelic led jams. “ Jazz Wank” kept the aura of deep psychedelia jams highlighted by xylophone. The venue energy was like that of a kettle boiling over, and the blasting point had been reached at the climatic end of the first set with “ Mar-DeMa” into a rip shredding “Timmy Tucker”. 
Al Schnier vocally led the opening of the second set, with a poppy original of his own, “Hey O”. Another vocally led piece, “ Kyle’s Song” followed appropriately before rocketing back into the psychedelic realm of deep, yet familiar jams with intense versions of “ Bullet> Blue Jeans Pizza & Puebla”, that left moe. first-timers wondering why they had not seen the band before; while reinforcing for the long time moe. fans, why they had fell in love with the band in the first place. The band then took it down energy level down a notch with “This I Know” from their new album, which led perfectly into “Calyphornya” with Al Schnier on acoustic guitar. 
The second set closed out with a moe. classic “Meat” with Al Schnier still on acoustic, which gave a new dimensional angle to the version of the song. 
 “ We want some moe.” echoed through Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel as the empty stage was re-graced with the bands presence, for what was to be an encore to remember. 
Al Schnier wielded a mandolin, and Chuck Garvey set down his electric guitar for an acoustic version of “ The Pines and The Apples”. The band re-aligned with their original instruments to close out the encore with “ Spine of a Dog”, that had the floor of the venue flowing up and down with the heavily dancing crowd as the song climaxed to levels that blew the lid off the show and capped off a great tour opening night with moe. 
Words and Photos: Joe Schlee
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