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Sunday, April 6

The Elite Eight- Grateful Music's 64 Best Album's March Madness! The Bracket!

Here we go.....After months of debating between fans, readers, rants, friends, reasearch and many late late nights Kevin and I have come up with the bracket for this year's Grateful Music March Madness.  This year we are looking to find out what is the best album ever.  We worked hard at our picks, hard at our seeds and even had 2 play-in rounds for the four(16Seeds)!

Now it's the Elite 8! With 8 Album's left you have voted over 390,000 times to pick who moved forward and who stays behind.  Our biggest underdog is the reggae king himself Bob Marley and his #9 Seed Exodus who will go up against  Abbey Rd. 

The Voting for the Elite 8 starts today!  We will post 4 matches every day on our Facebook Page.  You must vote by entering the album name only.  (IN THAT THREAD) NOTHING MORE. DO NOT VOTE TWICE.
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