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Wednesday, April 9

The Championship & Winner - Grateful Music's 64 Best Album's March Madness!

Here we go.....After months of debating between fans, readers, rants, friends, reasearch and many late late nights Kevin and I have come up with the bracket for this year's Grateful Music March Madness.  This year we are looking to find out what is the best album ever.  We worked hard at our picks, hard at our seeds and even had 2 play-in rounds for the four(16Seeds)!

Now it's the championship. With the last albums standing: American Beauty by the Grateful Dead (1970) and Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd (1973)! You have voted over 390,000 times to pick who moved forward and who stayed behind.  Our biggest underdog's was the reggae king himself Bob Marley and his #9 Seed Exodus , Floyd's #12 Seed Animals, both whom made it deep into the competition.

The Winner is undisputed by votes.  With over 1,200 votes in total, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon beat out American Beauty with 67% of the vote.

Thank you to everyone who voted.
Thank you to Randy Harris, Mike Geller, Chason Heins and of course our Chief Administrator Kevin Long for tirelessly making the bracket and posting the matches, counting the votes daily and creating one of our funniest annual tradition.

Thanks Again- Sammy Martin and the Grateful Music Team
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