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Tuesday, April 29

Review and Photos: Twiddle - 4/18/14 - Brooklyn Bowl

 The late show starting around midnight was set for Twiddle.   The jam quartet from Castleton, VT that graced The Brooklyn Bowl for the second time, and with a concert billed for Friday April 18th it really got going just a tad into Saturday April 19th.  The were following well known jam bands:  Moon Taxi and the Revivalists who played the earlier shows. Twiddle is made up of Brook Jordan on drums, Zdenek Gubb on bass, Ryan Dempsey on keyboards, and Mihali Savoulidis on guitar.
The atmosphere was electric as the fans seemed to know that they were in store for a killer night as the anticipation seemed to be building up in everyone even while waiting on line to get in. The venue itself is the perfect place to see live music. If you want to go to the front it isn't difficult. If you want to hang out, you can bowl, hang at the bar and watch a game on one of the big screens, or eat some excellent wings at the restaurant. With a max capacity of around 600 it is one of the best indoor music venues anywhere, with premium sound, great lighting and good vibes all around. Peter Shaprio A.K.A. The Bill Graham of the 21st century is responsible for this venue, it's amazing features and line up of acts that's a who's who of the dream jam festival.  As a fan and photo-journalist my first experience with Twiddle was at this past Catskill Chill. It was one of the most fun sets I've experienced as a photographer from the pit. I spent half of my time batting beach balls back and forth with the crowd instead of shooting so needless to say I was ready for this show to get started.
 They did not disappoint on this night either. The packed house was dancing to the music, and everyone was in a great mood. Nobody seemed to get tired as even the late hour wasn't able to slow the energy of both band and crowd. They started with “Syncopated Healing”, “Hattibagen Mcrat”, and “Zazus Flight”. After that, it got very interesting. Kenny Brooks of Rat Dog came to sit in on the alto Saxophone. He came and went a few times, ended up on stage for about half of the show in total and looked as he had been playing with them for years.
 The next section seemed like a 4/20 tribute even though it wasn't until the next day. The stretch of “Beehop>Smoke 2 Joints (Sublime)>Legalize it (Peter Tosh)>Pass the Dutchie (Musical Youth)>Who's Got the Herb Tease>The Joker (Steve Miller Band)>Beehop” - WHEW!
 This section made me realize that anything can and most likely will happen at a Twiddle show. The next special guest was 14 year old prodigy Bobby Paltauf. In addition to fronting the Bobby Paltauf Band, he has played with Buddy Guy, Deep Banana Blackout, The Meters with Page, and many others. He joined for “Mamunes The Fawn”. This was one of my favorite songs of the night, with Bobby taking two solos and Kenny and Mihali also taking one. The subtle differences in their tone made it easy to tell who was doing the solo and who was backing. Bobby had the classic Strat quack, while Mihali's tone was clean and bright. He was able to hit the distortion switch when needed. The set continues with “Heins Hod Hoddle>The Hook (Blues Traveler), Wasabi Invasion, The Box>Mortal Combat”. Again showcasing their jam friendly unique versatility. Wiley Griffin From Mun was the next to join the stage. He sat in for Friends Theme with revised lyrics. This provided yet another distinct tone with the hollow-body Ibanez. He too showed off immense chops, showing a major reason that Mun won their way into Catskill Chill last year and are one of the better up and coming bands in the area. The set finished out with “Hattis Jam>Wirip>Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
 After a well deserved few minute break the boys returned for a shorter set/encore. They started it off with “Doinkinboink!!>Morning Dew Tease>Too Many Puppies”. Wiley came out again, and all hell broke loose. It started with a reggae version of “Glycerin (Bush)>No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)>Farmhouse (Phish)>Wagon Wheel>No Woman No Cry>Pressure Drop>Crazy Game of Poker tease (OAR)>Vocal Jam”. This was a mash-up on the level of an Umphrey's McGee Halloween set. I was standing next to the stage with my jaw nearly hitting the floor wondering what they would come up with next. If you ever have a chance to see Twiddle, make sure to do so! The sound, atmosphere and energy reminds me of early Phish.
 Two festivals to see them this summer are Disc Jam and Gathering of the Vibes. We look forward to be in the crowd as they grow into this scene where they have proven to fit into quite perfectly, especially on this night.
Twiddle Website
Words:Mike Geller
Photos: Chason Heins
   ©Grateful Music LLC