Dates/Album:JEFF AUSTIN BAND Album Available 2015 – Summer Tour Dates

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He is celebrated for his fleet fingers and penchant for improvisation on stage, but those qualities also speak volumes about how he chooses to live. Austin has cultivated his natural musical abilities during his 15-year run as a charismatic front-man for Yonder Mountain Stirng Band.  Allowing himself to be driven by his boldest instincts, he has been able to build positive and exciting momentum around his life’s greatest passion.  Jeff’s band features Danny Barnes (banjo), Ross Martin (guitar) and Eric Thorin (bass). They will be recording their debut album this year and it will be released in 2015.
*Jeff Austin Band is available w/ The Travelin’ McCourys  & Billy Nershi as part of a very special package tour: Oct. 7-12  and Nov. 11-16.