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Tuesday, April 1

Review: Conspirator - Stage One - Fairfield, CT- 2/26/14

The Fairfield Theatre company’s Stage One venue was filling up at a steady pace while DJ Ichiso got the crowd groovin’ and loose with some funky tunes. The 225 person venue filled up quickly as the 9:30pm stage call for Conspirator approached. The tiny room was buzzing with conversations and energy, all in excitement for the show. The band took the stage, with Marc Brownstein grinning ear to ear as he strapped on his bass, looking out of the intimate setting of this unique stage. 
The drummer “Torch” set an intensive pace for the show as they ripped through their opener “Loco Street Devil”, all while looking extremely casual and at home on the stage. The vigor of the show had nowhere to go but through the roof, as Chris Michetti fingered his way through peaking guitar solos at every chance he got in the most subtle sections of music. The band was bringing down the roof on this extremely tiny venue, and they knew it. Michetti smiled hard as he winced through facial expressions, seeming to express his every emotion at every individual note he was playing. 
The crowd was receiving the raw energy from the band and throwing it right back at them through furious dancing and jumping. The ping-pong effect of the band and the crowd feeding back and forth created a show unlike any other seen yet on a weekday. After the Disco Biscuits’ recent run just a week ago at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, with a capacity ten times the size of the Fairfield’s Stage One it was amazing to see Conspirators stage presence. Marc Brownstein played his heart out, and it was clear that it did not matter if the crowd was two hundred or two thousand, he was going to make sure he left the venue in awe of the performance. This intimate performance setting was the perfect storm as they unleashed all their energy while ripping through the rest of the first set’s “Dynasty>Orch Theme>Struts>Legalize It> Oname Wa”. 
A short set break ensued while DJ Ichiso kept the crowd on a steady groove, ready and eager to see how Conspirator could possibly throw down in this tiny venue any harder than first set. Conspirator took the stage, ready to perform to a crowd that they had just completely blown away in the first set. Something special was in the air this Wednesday night, as Marc Brownstein and Chris Michetti looked at each other with a silent smirk of confidence. “What They Want” led into into intertwining versions of “Gypsy Lane and Countach” as the crazy projections made the band appear as ever changing geometric shapes and figures. 
“Digital Buddha (Gone, Gone, Gone)” hit hard as this hybrid jam odyssey set sail captained by Brownstein an Michetti, who shredded their way through the most electric and ecstatic version of Digital Buddha I have witnessed to date. The heavy hitter bass song “The Commish” appropriately followed as the band topped of the “Digital Buddha” with the icing of “The Commish”. The jams “Commercial Amen” through a “Dynasty(Reprise)” wrapped up the night in a wind down that was perfect in proportion to the nights show. As the show ended, the crowd yelled and cheered with all the energy they had left to thank the band for the amazing show. Marc Brownstein leaned forward to high five the majority of the front row, once again, beaming from ear to ear. The band then left the stage for what seemed like a mere minute before they returned for an encore. I immediately recognized the familiar and iconic sound of the song “Mirrors” which was one of the most vocal songs of the night to wrap it all up. “Mirrors” left the crowd smiling and calm after an amazing night of live music. 
Words : Josiah Schlee 
 ©Grateful Music LLC