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Monday, March 10

Review and Photos: Ballroom Thieves - 2/20/2014 - South Burlington, VT

The South Burlington, VT venue, Higher Ground, was buzzing with friendly energy, as the blue grass fans trickled in to the beautifully setup up Ballroom for the show. The guitarist for the Ballroom Thieves’, Martin Earley took the stage alone opening up with the song ” Coward's Son” , playing casually and comfortable while his bandmates took the stage to join him. 

The band quickly set a familiar mood in the sold-out six hundred person venue as the crowd gently swayed to the Ballroom Thieves serenade. The trio seemed to breathe honesty in every note, as if it was coming deep from within each of the musicians souls. The percussionist Devin Mauch, laid down rhythms reminiscent of a gypsy feel with a single drum and tambourine, contrasted by Calin Peters’ resonating cello. The peculiar arrangement of a cello, single drum and guitarist really gave the group an organic feeling. Intertwined between songs in the show, the guitarist and drummer added commentary about the title of the songs “Vampire” and others, reminding you that this band is all about the two-way interaction between themselves and the crowd. The set list weaved up and down, through soft songs that seemed to cut right through to the core of emotion, to upbeat rolling songs featuring the juxtaposition of the tambourine against the drum, which got the crowd in the mood for a fun night. The Ballroom Thieves took over the sold out room, and owned it all in a matter of a ten-song set list.
This small musical trio, really knows how to paint a room with exactly the right vibe and musical sound. If you close your eyes and listen, this trio thunders throughout the venue like a six piece band. The raw emotion being conveyed through the music could not be any more perfect for their sound. The Ballroom Thieves are a very talented group of young performers, who play from the soul, and have great promise for their future. If Ballroom Thieves are in your area, make sure to go see a performance of theirs, you wont regret it. 
Words and Photos: Joe Schlee
 ©Grateful Music LLC