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Friday, February 7

Review and Photos: Consider The Source and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - Brooklyn Bowl - 1/27/14

Time and time again I find myself at the Brooklyn Bowl on a Thursday evening surrounded by friends both new and old, seeking nothing more than to let loose and enjoy some quality live music. This Brooklyn based venue seems to have found a way to create an environment that is as inviting to the fans as it is for the musicians, which translates into some rather magical moments time and time again. One of these nights happened this past Thursday night matching Maryland based Pigeons Playing Ping Pong with New York based Consider the Source. Both of these bands offer up a distinct style of music and unique performance unlike any other giving those in attendance the chance to enjoy everything from electronic infused funk to progressive rock with a twist adding a little taste of everything in-between.
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong made up of Greg Ormont, Jerry Schon, Ben Carrey and Dan Schwartz started things off in proper in a way only they can. From the opening notes there was an energy resonating out from the stage that all but engulfed the crowd without any intent of letting go. Bringing their own style of funk infused with aspects of everything from rock to electric themes these guys have a way of creating an exciting overall experience with what seems to be the perfect mix of serious musician ship and laid back on stage fun. The interplay amongst the band itself seems effortless offering tightly played music, while dancing and interacting with the crowd in a way that leaves you feeling as if you were a part of the overall performance. Highlights for me were a “Burning Up My Time> Time To Ride” early in the set showing those who had not seen them before exactly what they were are capable of doing. From strong drum fills and driving bass to intense melodic guitar work and fun well delivered lyrics this two song combo delivered everything the crowd was looking for. As the set continued the band played an inspired cover of the “Ghostbusters” theme song which was extremely well received by the fans and led the band effortlessly into a “Condenser>The Hop>F.U” throw down. This carried the band effortlessly through to the end of the set finishing up with “Juilia”. An upbeat, lighthearted tune that just seems to float along while bringing the crowd into the mix yet again as they sang along word for word. After their performance tonight these guys leave little doubt in my mind as to why they are developing a “Flock” of followers as they travel from show to show. Consistently offering up a never ending funk explosion with each performance, leaving all in attendance no choice but to dance the night away.
As the evening continued Consider The Source made up of Gabriel Marin, John Ferrara and Jeff Mann begin to take the stage. The dark room seemed to buzz as more fans seemed to push towards the stage awaiting the show to begin. As the lights begin to rise the band takes its place begin this one of a kind musical experience. Taking progressive rock and blending in jazz fusion and middle eastern styled music lands this band in a category all their own. Individually they each seem to have all but mastered their own instruments resulting in nothing less than mind blowing interactions between the band members. Each of the three members seem to trade off control all directing the music at one point or another weaving back and forth throughout. Highlights such as “Wandering Bear” was a great example of this, flowing from screaming guitar chords to thunderous bass lines held together and driven even deeper by an intense and relentless drum line. As the set progressed the band delivered two extremely well done covers. First being “Closer” which also included portions of “Hurt” both Nine Inch Nails songs. Then delivering what could be best described as the most hauntingly moving take on “Some Where Over The Rainbow” I have heard played. Both were done extremely well, with the band making it seem as if they were their own songs all while showing how diverse their range of music can truly be. 

 “Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong” a crowd favorite as well as my personal highlight of the evening exemplifies everything this band is all about. Pairing screaming guitar riffs and driving bass lines with sections of smooth and hypnotic jazz driven melodies. This song encapsulates all that this band offers in one face melting journey, leaving a crowd full of blown minds and smiling in its wake. Adding on to what was already a extraordinary set of music the band treated the fans to a small taste of “So Say We All” a new original that will be finding a home on their up and coming album. This was just a small section of the song but paints a bright picture of what’s ahead for this band as they put this album together. As the show ended and the band left the stage the lights remained low, keeping the crowd drawn to the stage with no interest of moving. After a brief pause John Ferrara took the stage, ripping into fast paced funky solo driving the rest of the band now emerging back on the stage into “You Go Squish Now”. Ending the set in perfect fashion, allowing the crowd and the band to mutually let loose one final time.
From the opening funk infused notes of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong thru to the final growl of Consider The Source this was a fantastic evening of music from some very talented young musicians. Offering up uniquely different styles of music both of these bands are steadily making their way to the top one show at a time picking up new and eager fans along the way. These are two bands I would recommend becoming familiar with as they will be showing up on festival lineups time and time again this coming year and many year to come.
Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller
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