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Thursday, February 6

Album Review: Big Gigantic - The Night Is Young - 2/11/2014

Big Gigantic

The Night Is Young
February 11, 2014

Big Gigantic, while a fairly young group, has managed to carve out its own unique niche in the music world. The band consists of Dominic Lalli (saxophone and production) and Jeremy Salken (drums). The duo is set to release their latest project on February 11, 2014. To be honest, Lalli’s master’s degree in jazz has always left me expecting more from the duo, but then came this album, one that easily exceeded my expectations.  Starting off in classic Big G style, “Clvdbvrst” starts off with a traditional hip hop style beat and rocks into some wompy dubstep. This tune sets a high energy tone for the rest of the album.
“Blue Dream” really begins to add Lalli’s sax skills into the mix. A jazzy lead line over some incredible production moves into a short solo before blasting into a wall of euphoric bass.
Title track, “The Night Is Young” features fellow producers Cherub, and it is definitely the best dance track on the record.  Big G uses this tune, which has more of a funky, nu-disco style beat, which some could say is departure from their earlier works, I say it is a progression as they absolutely nailed it!  Needless to say, Lalli’s sax is beautifully incorporated into this funky collab. A half-time bridge right in the middle of the track splits up the song perfectly, laying the groundwork for the best drop on the album. This track is guaranteed to get you groovin’!
“Touch The Sky” brings the album back to the classic Big G sound. Masterful production and intuitive dynamics permeate the tune. I think, however, that Lalli tried a little too hard on this one with the sax. There were some parts that I did not feel it was necessary. In other areas of the tune, however, it fit very nicely. I did really like how they tweaked the sax to sound like a blasting jazz trumpet in certain parts. Very cool!
“From Dusk Till Dawn” has an airy, up-in-the-clouds vocal intro and builds into a heavy drop. This is an interesting tune because at first the drop has a slow, trancey four-to-the-floor beat, but then they switch it up to a more hip hop-style beat almost seamlessly. I almost missed it and only caught it because I was specifically thinking about the beat at the time.
“Just For The Thrill” has a very strong sound, incorporating lots of horns which are arranged beautifully. Each build gets bigger and bigger, bringing a feeling of anticipation.
Finally, “Shooting Stars” was by far my favorite track on the album. Slowing down the energy to end the album sort of releases some tension and makes the album feel complete. While not quite as “dance floor friendly” as the rest of the record, it could certainly make a great intro track or interlude. Hypnotic chord work and incredible attention to detail in the production round off the album beautifully.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with The Night Is Young. It is definitely Big Gigantic’s best album yet, and I was very happy to hear that kind of sax work I’ve expected from Lalli, and Salken’s instinctive and assertive drum work keeps the backbone of the album intact. I have no doubt that these guys will continue to be a powerful force in the world of dance music.
By: Ragin' Randy Harris
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