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Friday, January 10

Review and Photos:Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad - Westcott Theater- Syracuse, NY - 12/6/13

Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad is a reggae jam band based out of Rochester, NY. The band began touring all around the country in 2006, since then they have played over 800 shows including festivals and are currently headlining their own tour. The band consists of James Searl on bass, vocals, Chris O'Brian on drums, vocals, Dylan Savage on guitar, vocals and Dan Keller on guitar, vocals. Giant Panda is one of the hottest reggae bands on tour right now, and for good reason. This band is a must see for anyone into reggae, or any jam fan as they have the ability to melt your face with blues and rock & roll style rifts.
After 2 opening bands who set the mood for the night, the smell of incense filled the Westcott Theater as Giant Panda took stage around 11 pm. The moment the band started playing the energy went through the roof and a dance party erupted in Syracuse, NY. With them playing so close to home in a small venue the energy was intense and the band brought a real intimate feel throughout the show.James Searl (bass, lead vocal) was running and bouncing around the stage all night, which led the way for other members of the band to bring the energy as well. This band has a great mix of that hardcore reggae sound, rock & roll , topped off with a little bit of funk. This is one of the best reggae shows I have seen and G.P.G.D.S is moving their way up my list of favorite local bands. As the band played well into the night with the snow falling outside the energy never faded away and the crowd was enjoying every minute of this show.
Overall this was a great show from the reasonable drink prices to the performance itself, I would recommend this band to fans of just about all genres. Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad is currently on tour and most likely coming to a city near you , go check them out !! 
Words and Photos: Tyler White
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