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Tuesday, December 24

Review and Photos: The Incidental Animals and The Heavy Pets - November 21st - Brooklyn Bowl - New York City

The Brooklyn Bowl night after night brings fans and musicians face to face for unique and enjoyable musical experiences. This time pairing the Established and every growing Heavy Pets playing their 900th show with the newly formed “Incidental Animals” for what was only their 2nd show turned into a night full of magical moments for all involved.
Starting it all off was Florida based band The Heavy Pets made up of Jeff Llyod, Mike Garulli, Jim Wuest, Tony D’amato and Jamie Newitt. From smaller venues to festivals these guys see have been steadily gaining steam as well as fans and after this show one can easily see why. Blending straight rock and roll with jazz, blues and several others styles of music all to create a high energy jam that draws the crowds in as much as it gets them moving. Starting off the night with one of my personal highlights of the set and the evening was “Xylophone” making a statement right out the gate taking it to the crowd from the opening notes. This tune allowed the entire band to show those in attendance exactly what they were capable of and just seemed to ignite a flame under both them and the band themselves. There was a nice ebb and flow thru this set as the band offered up two newer songs “Shared Skies” and “Giant Birds” both played for the first and second times respectively offering the fans a peak at what the future may hold musical for the band.  Another highlight for me was “Help me Help you” that saw Jen Hartswick and Natalie Cressman join the band on stage adding stellar horns to this awesome tune taking it to a whole different level creating yet another of this set’s most amazing moments. From start to finish this was as entertaining a set of music as one could ask for and a great way to begin or end any night of live music and I only hope to continue seeing these boys do their thing for some time to come.
For just the second time as a band “Incidental Animlas” took the stage made up Kyle Hollingsworth from the String Cheese Incident , Dan LeBowistz Steve Adams and Dave Brogan all from ALO, as well as “Jennifer Hartswick” and “Natalie Cressman” from Trey Anastiao Band as well as many others. The talent on the stage is undeniable and the way that they all seemed to mesh together left you feeling as if they had been doing this together for quite some time. Throwing in a mix of tunes ranging from String Cheese to ALO originals and Sprinkling in some well-placed covers each member had a chance to show off their vocal abilities as well as overall musical ability. Highlights included a ridiculous Janis Joplin cover “Piece of My Heart” that featured Jennifer on vocals captivating the crowd with each note.  This led to a trio of tunes that simply left me floating, starting off with ALO tune “Lady Loop” which featured drummer Dave Brogan on vocals while the band delivered some of the funkiest grooves of the night transitioning directly into “String Cheese” tune “Let’s Go Outside.” These two song’s meshed very well together and were full of peaks and jams that left the crowd asking for more. Ending this delicious trio of tunes was a well-chosen cover of Talking Heads song “Na├»ve Melody” which happens to be a favorite of mine and just seemed to fit right into its place perfectly. The band seemed to truly enjoy what was taking place on stage as much as the fans in front of them and this showed with each and every note played. A final highlight of the evening was a Stevie Wonder original “Higher Ground” which was beautifully done and allowed both Jennifer and Natalie the chance to showcase their vocals for all in attendance. 
The entire evening was full of stellar musical moments provided by a host of musicians leaving an extremely satisfied crowd in their wake. Celebrating the rise of and up and coming powerhouse and the birth of a band that one can only hope to hear much more of in the future is just a small part of what makes live music so amazing, and continues to bring fans to the Brooklyn Bowl night after night.

 *A recording of both of these bands can be found on internet archive by clicking on the following links and . This show was also video recorded and broadcast live by Relix Magazine, This can also be found by clicking the following link

*We all know The Heavy Pets but Incidental Animals featuring Kyle Hollingsworth of The String Cheese Incident, Dan Lebowitz, Steve Adams, and Dave Brogan of ALO, plus Jen Hartswick of Trey Anastasio Band, will make their incendiary performance debut this November. The recently-formed quintet will perform selections from the SCI and ALO repertoires, songs from their solo catalogs, as well as covers. Joining the band in Brooklyn is fellow TAB band-mate Natalie Cressman on trombone.
All Photos: Mike Geller
Words: Chason Heins
©Grateful Music LLC