The financial gurus are predicting the price of Bitcoin will rise as the year grows. They are even positive that its price will become double in spite of recent price stagnation. In last six months, its price has fallen from $19000 to the recent price of $770o in the trading market. these fall in price is because of uncertain regulations that are coming up in recent days.

This slow phase of the market will settle down slowly and the price of bitcoin will rise slowly towards the end of the year. For the coming weeks, bitcoin value is predicted to fluctuate between $6500 to 8500. As the market gets legitimizing and entry of big companies in the crypto world the price will get the momentum and will rise as per the prediction of some financial experts.

The view that bitcoin will rise with the entry of big companies in the market also predicts its break back to $10000 in the recent months. Many investment platform CEOs are also predicting the number of the investors will also rise including the big companies.

The initial jogging in the slow pace in the price of cryptocurrency is waiting to expand its wings to take off reach the sky. Bitcoin price prediction was very positive at the beginning of the year maintaining the price explosion of 2017. One of the bitcoin evangelists has predicted that its trading value will reach bet $3500 to $6500 by the end of the year.  One of the celebrated investors has predicted the value of bitcoin reaches $250,000 by 2022. Bitcoin is predicted to give 100% return on investment in the trading market.

Another most promising cryptocurrency after bitcoin is EOS, market gurus are predicting that it is one of the most potential cryptocurrency in the present day and holds much future prospect in the trading market. it may have 200% price gain by the end of the year. Blockchain experts are having the opinion that it will attract more investors by the end of the year 2018. Experts are also impressed the with the way EOS handles the crypto ecosystem.

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